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I am British. My father is Canadian. My mother is German. If I have dual British / German citizenship, can I work in Canada under any special visa (like the UK ancestry visa) because my father is Canadian. Or – is it possible to also get a Canadian passport?

You most likely actually have three citizenships: British, German and Canadian. Canadian citizenship is inheritable through the first generation and, when you were born, was inheritable through multiple generations. In order to work in Canada, you need to do the following:

  1. Apply for a citizenship certificate – you will need your father’s birth certificate (if he was born in Canada), and your long-form birth certificate (showing his name)
  2. Once you have the citizenship certificate, you can apply for a Canadian Passport at the nearest Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate which offers passport services. (If you are in England, that would be the High Commission in London.)
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