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I am a born and raised Canadian and I met my GF online 4 years ago. We have never met in person but talk everyday for anywhere from 3 to 10 hours on Skype just as we go about our day doing stuff. I have a theft under record that I have to wait 1 more year to be able to get a record suspension on. She is a UK citizen living in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. Shes a teachers assistant and has no record at all. How do I go about getting her here to Canada so we can start out life and family together?? Can she come here and we get married then she goes back or she stays here?

Because your girlfriend is a UK citizen, she can come here without a visa. (Though, as of March 16, she will need an eTA to travel here.) The simplest option would be for her to come here to visit you and then you can marry.

Then, you can sponsor her “inland” (i.e. she stays here) or “outland” (she goes back to Northern Ireland). Unless your theft was a violent crime, it’s unlikely that you are ineligible to sponsor her.

The advantage of “inland” is that you are together (and she can apply for an “open” work permit).┬áThe disadvantage is that you cannot appeal a refusal. The other disadvantage is that the processing time is currently 26 months.

The advantages of outland are that the processing time is 12 months (at the moment) and you can appeal a refusal.

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