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I became PR on August 2011 and stayed 46 days in Canada and then left. I returned to Canada on August 2014. My PR card will expire on October 2016. I will fulfill my residency obligations of 730 days on 20 June 2016. I want to submit an urgent PR card renewal application on 25 June 2016 because I need to leave Canada on 24 August 2016 and will return on November 2016. My question is, 1. Can I apply for urgent processing of my application? 2. I need to travel to solve family matters back home, do I need to explain it to CIC? Please suggest.

First of all, urgent processing is never granted without proof of travel. So you need to provide a purchased plane ticket with your application.

However: Just meeting the residency obligation is usually not enough to get your PR Card again without investigation. You can assume that because you have just barely met the minimum residency obligation, your application will be sent secondary review and you might even receive a residence questionnaire. It is extremely unlikely that your request for urgent processing would be accepted in this scenario. Whatever family business you have will have to wait, unless it is something like a funeral/sickness that you can establish to CIC’s satisfaction.

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