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i became permanent resident of Canada march 08 2014. And i got married last December 2015. I renew my passport and change my last name to my husband last name, as will my other identification card here in Canada, but my pr card i didn’t change yet and it will expire 2019. Can i renew my pr card and in the same time change my last name to married name? And another thing is i noticed that here in Canada when you change your last name to your married name your middle name will be your maiden name. And my Philippine passport middle name is different from all my ID’s issued here in Canada. Am i allowed to travel outside Canada if my middle name in my phil. passport is different from my pr card?

Yes you can renew your PR Card at the same time as you change your name on your PR Card.

When you change your name, your middle name does not become your maiden name. Your maiden name will always be your birth name. You could make your maiden name your new middle name, as part of your name change, or you could have a hybrid last name of your maiden name and your husband’s last name, but in neither case does your middle name become your maiden name.

If there is a discrepancy between your passport and your PR Card, that could be a problem, though middle names are less significant. You should make sure all your IDs have the same name on them.

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