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I became a landed immigrant in June 2010. Soon after landing I stayed in Canada for month and then went back to my native country in Bangladesh. In 2011 I got transferred from my work to Hong Kong and then in March 2012 I managed a transfer again in Canada and since then I have been settled here and working as a Vice President in a multinational bank. I have paid my taxes regularly to the Canadian government during this time. In July 2015 I applied for my PR card renewal and at that time I had lived way more that required 730 days (almost 900 days). However after six months of wait I got a letter from CIC today for an interview. CIC also asked me to bring all my passports, details of my travel outside Canada and proof of residency (tax notice etc.). The online immigration system shows my PR card has already been issued and sent to CIC for quality assurance purpose. My question is am I at any risk of any further complications? The only thing that is worrying me that in three years that I lived in Canada (2012-2015) before my PR renewal applications, there have been numerous short trips abroad (10-12 trips) each ranging from 7-14 days. These trips were either official conferences (I have supporting docs) or for family reasons (my father’s surgery in US. My father does not live in Canada).

They are verifying your documents. In order to lose your status they actually have to send your case to an adjudicator so you still are a long way off. But if you have met the residence requirement, there is nothing to worry about. Just go to the interview with all your documents and answer their questions. If they have already issued your PR Card, you shouldn’t be surprised if they give it to you at the interview.

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