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I became a landed immigrant On August 18, 2015 and since then I have been waiting for my PR card. I have contacted CIC call center November, 2015 and the call center agent told me that my PR card is ready it just needs to be signed and then the card will be mailed in a week. After two weeks I called them again then I came to know that my photo specification was not correct and I must send my photo again. I have taken new photo and send it right away. I have checked that my mail was delivered on Nov 19, 2015. Till now I am waiting for the PR card. I need to travel my country for an emergency. I have contacted the call center again and they have suggested me for travel document. However, there is no Canadian consulate in my country who are active in visa processing or immigration processing. I am assuming for travel document I have to send my application to any nearest country where there is a consulate. It may take 10-15 days. Please advice what to do?

There’s not much you can do. You can cancel your trip, or you can go on your trip and apply for a travel document at the nearest visa office. That’s it. Sorry.

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