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I applied for urgent renewal of PR card which is going to expire on March 08, 2016. CIC received the application on Jan 14 and started processing it the same day. When I called the call centre, I was informed that my application was not being processed urgently. But I dont understand why CIC started processing it on the very day it received my application. Due to ignorance, I made the mistake of attaching my air travel ticket which showed that I arrived in Canada on Jan 11 and will leave on Feb 19, 2016. I didnt know that the return air ticket should be from Canada and back to Canada. In my case it is from my native country to Canada and back. What can be done now as I have to leave on Feb 19th without knowing what will be the outcome of my application.

You have to prove that you are leaving and coming back. It’s a permanent resident card because you’re supposed to live in Canada.

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