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I am American married to Canadian citizen for 18 years and have two children with her. Wife and children have dual citizenship. We have recently relocated from U.S. to Ontario to look after her aging parents. We decided to stay and I have applied for residence and open work permit. I have been waiting and waiting for my work visa to help support my family. Paying taxes on goods and supporting the economy. Why does a refugee get all the things I need to support my family the day they get here. I’m a little disappointed in Canada’s government to say the least. I paid for my application meanwhile spending my life savings supporting my family. I will most likely go broke by the time I get my work visa. I checked into the status of my application by telephone because I was not given a UCI # after talking with three different operators on three separate phone calls I was told by the third guy that my work visa app was under secondary review for reasons unknown. Why does a refugee take priority over me ? Why won’t the stupid government just give me the documents I need ? I had to go through a serious background check which took 3 months to get. I’ve been waiting 9 months for a work visa and Trudeau is giving them out like candy to Syrian refugees. Wtf ?

In order to fulfil an election promise, resources may have been diverted from processing regular applications toward dealing with the Syrian refugees.

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