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I am American citizen and my boyfriend got deported from USA he has a 10 year ban from reentering the us. We have a child together and want to become Canadian residents and live there permanently and get married in Canada. He is a good worker however I am on disability for anxiety and severe panic attacks it is very hard on me and my daughter being away from him. I can’t drive on freeway due to my severe anxiety. Please help what can we do to become residents? I do own a home which I could sell and buy something in Canada if we were to become residents.

If your boyfriend is eligible, he can apply for Express Entry to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. He can then bring you with him if you are married when he is able to immigrate. If not, he will have to sponsor you after he gets his permanent residence and you are married.

You will not be able to immigrate through Express Entry if you are on disability. Your only hope would be to sell your house and open a business in Canada; however the threshold for investor immigration is extremely high in most provinces.

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