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i accidentally came across your website and i am quite impressed with the questions and answers provided, i have questions that is slightly similar to some asked but with a little difference, i am a British citizen on work permit, applied for PR and same was approved 1 week ago Prior to this time, i registered for a conference holding in Hawaii about 4 weeks ago, course, accommodation and flight all paid for with confirmation for each of this When i got approved for the PR, drove to border crossing for landing as the appointment given to do it inside was too long, the work permit was taken off me. I now realized i may not get the PR card before departing for the conference in Hawaii USA I naturally do not need PR to travel to USA as my British passport covers me for this, my concern is when coming back to Canada, can i use my COPR, Landing paper and the date of landing stamped on my passport to return to Canada?? I also realized that the temporary travelling documents is for people outside Canada


Because you are a British Citizen, you do not need a PR Card to travel to Canada. But, yes, it would be good to have a copy of your COPR or Record of Landing with you for the CBSA agent.

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