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Immigrated June 2012, landing January 2017

  1. You can use your PR Card to travel to and enter Canada. However, CBSA may or may not let you in because you have failed to meet the residency obligation; your entry is at their discretion.
  2. Your PR Card expiry shouldn’t be of issue to an employer unless they have reason to suspect your status would be revoked. Your status could be in jeopardy because you are currently not meeting the residency obligation.
  3. In order to renew your PR Card you will have to first come to Canada. If you are able to enter Canada successfully, you will have to wait until you meet the residency obligation before you apply for a new PR Card – you will basically have to wait until 2019 to apply. In the meantime, you can use your Confirmation of Permanent Residence to prove your PR status within Canada.
  4. We strongly recommend not travelling overseas again until you meet the residency obligation because there is a risk that you will not be allowed back into the country. You can only travel back to Canada without a valid PR Card if you are travelling by private vehicle (i.e. a car).


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