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Me and my family became Canadian permanent residents in May 2015 but had to return after two weeks due to my employer not granting me a long leave to stay in Canada. However i got a Canadian job and need to return in august but my PR card has not shown up. what should i do…? I do have USA B1/B2 visa, so can i go by land to Canada. I’m not from a visa exemption country.

You can apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document at the nearest Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in the country you are currently in. Given how recently you became permanent residents, we would advise explaining why you needed to return to your home country.

Your US visa will not help necessarily. If you enter the US with your visa and take a bus or train to Canada, you will be asked for a visa. Since you are a Permanent Resident, you will likely be directed to the nearest Canadian consulate (or Embassy) in the US to get the travel document. So basically, you still have to get the document.

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