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I am in the process of applying for citizenship in Canada. My passport expired back in 2013, during this time I didn’t travel outside of Canada, for this reason I didn’t renewed my passport. On the application I have explained the reason why I didn’t renew the passport, I have provided enough evidence that shows I was in Canada for the last 4 years including school documents. Does having an expired passport will cause a problem in the process?

Provided they accept your explanation about your passport, it should not cause any problems.

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I am a Canadian citizen living in Mexico married to a Russian passport holder for 9 years- we got married in eth USVI’s— how do I apply for a Canadian passport for her while living in Mexico– as we are not planning on moving back anytime soon- as we have business interests here.

You absolutely cannot apply for her passport.

Marriage by itself does not bestow Canadian citizenship.

If she wanted to become a Canadian citizen you would have to move to Canada and sponsor her for permanent residence. Then she would have to live in Canada for years and then she could apply for citizenship.

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