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I have a Nexus card but my husband does not because it was refused due to a DUI 2 years ago. Can I use the Nexus Lane and him the regular lane or because I travel with him I have to use the regular lane and not benefit my Nexus card? Also, when I filled the request and sent it by mail, I have specified his DUI, called his lawyer, called Nexus, etc. He was accepted for his interview and they refused saying we did not mention he had a DUI, then it could cause problem for a false declaration which is not because it was on the original request that I sent to them after the interview. Will this cause a problem for him to enter the USA now?

You can use different security lanes at the airport, if you must, but you cannot use different lanes at the border unless you are driving in two separate cars.

The DUI likely disqualifies your husband from NEXUS but shouldn’t have an affect on his entering the US as Canada tends to take drinking and driving more seriously than the US. It also depends upon which agency refused his NEXUS Card, CBSA or CBP.

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