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i am a Indian Citizen , i have a girl friend from Canada and she is a canadian citizen , i can go to Canada from India through visitor visa , now my question is after going to Canada with a visitor visa will i able to marry my girl friend at Canada with my visitor visa itself ? if i can marry her there with my visitor visa then kindly tell me the documentations process ?

Yes, you can marry in Canada. We have a guide to all the documentation you need to marry in Canada as a foreigner which you can read here. What is required depends upon the province you marry in but, basically, you need a photo ID andyour girlfriend will need one as well. You will have to complete the marriage license applicaton and pay the fee.

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I am a PR and got married outside Canada to a non resident. Now I’m trying to register my marriage in the court system of the country where we had our wedding and I was wondering if it is ok to use my PR card ID number instead of my passport on my court marriage certificate even though I’m registering it in another country outside Canada. 

Probably not?

This other country likely has no idea what a Canadian PR Card is and they likely don’t recognize it as a valid form of ID. And why should they?

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i am a permanent resident here in Canada and want to get married with my boyfriend from US, what do we have to do?

Provided your boyfriend is currently in Canada…

When the local marriage office reopens, after the pandemic measures are lessened, you need to complete a marriage application, pay the fee, provide your IDs (passports are acceptable for foreigners) and it is possible, that they will require proof of your boyfriend’s single status. (Call/email ahead to confirm that is not a requirement.)

That’s it.

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My fiance is from Jamaica and I am from Canada, dating for 21mths. We would like to elope in Canada. In relation to the Jamaican culture, elopement is not a traditional practice. However, if we elope in Canada would elopement be an issue? I am a Canadian citizen and don’t want to spend too much money on a wedding. We agreed to have a vow renewal a year or two afterwards. I don’t want any delays.

As long as your fiance can get a visa to Canada and enter the country – unlikely during the pandemic – you can marry in Canada no problem.

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