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I am an American citizen who just received confirmation that my Canadian Permanent Residency was approved. I plan to arrive in a few months and just realized that I am almost out of pages in my passport (I have just two free). Should I arrive in Canada with my current US passport (and later apply for a new one) – Or should I renew my US passport before arriving in Canada (and show my old one as well)?

Renew your US passport after you land. It’s easy to do from Canada and this way you won’t create unnecessary hassles for yourself.

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I’m a Canadian NEXUS card holder. Should I become a Global Entry program member?

If you have already been fingerprinted for your NEXUS card, and the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agency has your passport information on file, you are technically already a member of the Global Entry program. As a Canadian, you should remain a NEXUS member as Global Entry card holders cannot use NEXUS lanes when returning to Canada. If you wish to use Global Entry kiosks in US airports, you should check online whether you need to provide CBP any additional information to use these kiosks.

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I have heard that NEXUS card holders can apply for the Global Entry program without paying any fees. Is that true?

Yes, most NEXUS card holders are eligible. US citizens and permanent residents are eligible and now Canadian citizen NEXUS card holders can apply for the Global Entry program. Canadian permanent residents with NEXUS cards cannot yet apply for the program. You will need to get fingerprinted and submit your passport. Customs and Border Protection already has this information, you should be already part of the program. Please log on with TTP (the Trusted Traveller Programs website) to make sure.

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What happens at the Global Entry interview?

The interviewing officer will go through your application to verify there are no basic errors and will ask you some questions mainly about how often you travel and your reasons for doing so. You must show original documentation of your passport, driver’s license and PR Card if relevant. You must also take along your conditional approval letter inviting you to interview. Once your documentation is verified your fingerprints will be digitally scanned and your photograph taken. The officer will then inform you if you have been admitted onto the program or not.

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