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As of September 29, 2016, most travellers to Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before travelling to Canada.

My parents PR cards expired in 2008. They never renewed knowing they didn’t meet the residency requirements and assumed that was the end of that. They have British passports and are retired, they’ve visited many times since always as tourists (i.e. purchasing travel insurance etc.). They have booked a trip to visit Canada in two months time and to also join us on a family trip to the US (by air) while here. We now realize, they can’t apply for an eTA because they still have permanent residence status!! They will be refused a PRTD based on residency and refused entry. Renouncing their permanent residency status seems to be our only option, but will that be done in time for their trip? Or will they still have difficulty at the border anyway since they intend to enter Canada twice by air – once from UK, second time from the US within the same month? And does it mean I cannot sponsor them in the future? CIC have not been helpful, they simply refer me to their website.

The eTA will not be mandatory until September 29, 2016, so your parents can travel to the UK without an eTA provided the trip is before then.

Your parents may have issues when they enter Canada if there if the CBSA officer discovers they are permanent residents but do not have PR Cards. However, given that they are are older and British, they may be given the benefit of the doubt. (They may also be asked to apply for PR Cards while in Canada…)

If they are permanent residents you cannot sponsor them. They would have to renounce their status first before you sponsored them. The alternative would be for them to move here and stay here until they meet the residence requirements so you wouldn’t have to sponsor them.


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I am single and my partner divorced and our passports and travel documents are in this status. However, we are getting married in June 2016 and visiting Canada for two weeks for our Honeymoon. Our travel agent has advised us we need an ETA or visa to fly to and stay in Canada. Please could you advise if we should declare our status as it is now, i.e. Single and Divorced, or our status when we travel to Canada, i.e. Married?

eTAs will not be mandatory until September 29, 2016 at the earliest, so the easiest solution to your problem is to not bother with the eTAs.

If you would prefer to get the eTA regardless, indicate that you are married.

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I was born in England and went to live in Canada for 7 years and became a Canadian citizen I haven’t being back for 19 years but my son who also was born in England went back 3 years ago and is a Canadian citizen I have booked and paid for my flights and going for a holiday for 18 days with my parter I have a British passport and a Canadian citizen card I have just applied for the new eta 2 days ago but I am confused cause it’s saying I don’t need a eta cause I am a Canadian citizen and need a Canadian passport but only got a British my partner got approved this morning but I have not yet can you please help me

You do not need an eTA as you are a Canadian citizen. You also do not need an eTA because the eTA will not be mandatory until September 29, 2016. You should get a Canadian passport or travel to Canada on your British passport if you do not have enough time.

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