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As of September 29, 2016, most travellers to Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before travelling to Canada.

We were permanent residents in Alberta Canada for 30 years . We returned to Scotland about 6 years ago. Our PR cards expired in October 2014.We went for a visit about 4 years ago to visit our children. When we checked in at the airport we were told we should return our PR cards to Canada which we did. We never got any reply and they were sent registered mail. How can we find out if we are no longer able to return and if not ,how can we get proof so we can get ETA so we can visit as we cant seem to get an ETA without some kind of document. Hope you can help. I have copies of our PR cards.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out whether or not your status was cancelled is to file applications for Verifications of Status (VOS). These applications normally take a really long time so what you need to do is to submit proof that you need the VOSs with your applications. Travel plans and proof that you cannot get your eTAs without the proof of no status would be the best thing.

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I am UK citizen on IEC visa til November 2017, I am in a common law relationship and shortly will apply for PR and open work permit, in August 2017 me and my partner will got to a holiday in Europe together will I have any problem getting back in to Canada or will I be ok as my IEC is still valid?

You should be fine to leave and return as long as your eTA is still valid in addition to your IEC visa. Your IEC visa is for you to enter Canada, but your eTA is necessary to travel back to Canada by air.

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I am a UK resident and have just applied for an eta to travel to Canada for an holiday. I have received a letter back and they say I am or maybe a resident of Canada. Is there a contact telephone number as I am due to go on holiday In February and I need to resolve this quickly. I have emailed the gov site in canada and am still waiting for a reply

You will need to renounce your permanent residency in order to get an eTA. Unless you have the contact information of a specific person at IRCC, emailing them may not get a response. Their phone number is 1-888-242-2100, but that phone number is not normally accessible from outside of Canada.

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My sister in law lived here as a small child but moved back to the Netherlands 30 years ago…they were going to come to Canada for a visit…tomorrow, and now they are telling her that she needs a PR card?As far as she knows, she is a dutch citizen..what can she do?

So your sister landed as a permanent resident but left before she became a Canadian citizen? Unfortunately, under the new Electronic Travel Authorization program, she needs to renounce her permanent residence. She has to do this because Canadian permanent residence is only revoked if the resident is investigated. So she still has this status and with the new eTA she cannot travel to Canada without a PR Card or without renouncing her residency.

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If I got eTA last week it’s mean I lost my PR rights? My PR card as expired. And I just approve for eTA. Wondering what will need to do in Canadian airport?

You shouldn’t have been able to get approved for an eTA as a permanent resident. It means one of a couple things:

  • The system is not yet complete enough to catch all PRs OR
  • You are no longer a permanent resident OR
  • You have a common name.

You may learn more at the port of entry.

If you successfully enter Canada, you should apply for a new PR Card if you qualify, or remain in Canada until you qualify to apply for one, provided you still have your permanent resident status.

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I am a Canadian citizen living in Greece and have a Canadian passport. My son was born in Greece and has a Greek passport. In the past he was able to enter Canada with his Greek passport. I was recently told that although I have not yet registered him as a dual citizen, he is automatically considered a dual citizen and can no longer enter Canada with his Greek passport as he is not eligible for eTA. We have to enter Canada this week because of a family death and do not have time to get him a Canadian passport. Is there any way he can get special authorization to enter the country with his Greek passport this one last time?

You or he will have to apply for “special authorization to enter Canada.” You can do so here.

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