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I have got canadian study permit refused due to poor travel history. what are the chances to reapply ? I have got access to Information and it say poor travel history, officer doesn’t trust that I’m well established.

The only chance it will be accepted is if you convince the next officer reviewing your application that you will return to your home country. So you will have to provide evidence with your new application which you failed to include last time, which could include:

  • property in your home country
  • family ties in your home country
  • employment prospects in your home country.
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I’m a Nigerian schooling in Nigeria, but I’m married to a Canadian citizen. My wife has sent an invitation letter to me for a visitor visa, so I can come to Canada, but I’m told I need an official letter from my school to process the visa. Please what type of letter should this be?

The invitation letter must be on school letter head, it must state that you are employed at this school and the terms of your employment (i.e. temporary, permanent, etc) and it must be signed by someone senior at the school, such as the principal.

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I am a international student i want to marry with indian boy during my study and live together is it possible? Can he got a spouse visa if yes then after how long? Shall we get permanent residence together.

Once you are married he can apply for an open work permit to come and work here. If he is not already here, he will either need a visitor visa to come marry here or you will have to go to India to marry him. (In that case you will need to ensure you have a multiple entry visa, if required, in order to come back to Canada and you may need a visa to visit India if you are not Indian.)

Once you are eligible to apply for PR (after you have graduated and worked one year in Canada in a skilled occupation), he can accompany you as a spouse on the PR application.

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I want to renew my passport My passport is expiring on Oct, 2017 but I want to renew now because I am applying for post graduation work permit. So I just want to confirm that I can renew it now and in an emergency can I get it in one day

This entirely depends upon your citizenship: each and every country in the world has different regulations and processing times for passport applications. But given that you are in Canada and you are applying for a passport from a foreign Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in Canada, you likely cannot get a passport in one day. We are not aware of a country that offers that option.

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Am an international at centennial College will be graduating in April 2017, can i invite my husband for my graduation because he has been denied 3 three time for study permit with this reason family ties in Canada and in country of resident, purpose of visit,current employment situation, personal assets and financial status. my question is can i visit him for my graduation now or i should wait still when i get my 3 years work permit.

It doesn’t matter when he re-applies for a visitor visa (assuming you meant visitor visa) so much as whether or not he’s addressed the problems in the denials. There is no point in you inviting him if he’s done nothing to address the concerns IRCC has with his applications.

He needs a consultation with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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I am in canada on a work permit I will be applying for a study permit when my contract ends. I was recently married and my husband is back home how can I apply for him to obtain a work permit to come to canada and how much does this cost? Do I apply for his permit along with mine how much do I need to have to show support for him? What is the procedure what do I do where do I start?

When you apply for your study permit, he can apply for the open work permit at the same time. It costs CAD$100 for the open work permit application (not including your study permit application). He can start here, where he can see whether or not he’s eligible to apply online.

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