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I am a Canadian citizen that’s been back and forth from Canada and Guyana (My country of birth) for the past 9 years. I met a girl in Guyana within that time and we got married 1 year ago , we live and operate a small business in this country. I still have my house in canada which i have no intentions of selling since I plan on moving back permanently. Our plan is to move to canada through me sponsoring her when my son (Canadian citizen) is finish high school in 3 years. My youngest sister is getting married in Canada in 2 months, I plan on going for the wedding with my son and would love to take my wife along for the visit but she does not have a visa to visit Canada. She’s going to apply for one in a week and I would stand all cost for the travel and visit. We were told that she needs an invitation letter, how do we go about doing this if I’m I Guyana with her. Do i just write a letter and send it in with her application ?

Your sister who is in Canada can send the invitation letter.

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I am a international student my course ends beginning​ of may but my work permit is until end of November and at present I’m working part-time. i will be taking another one year course starting this September and also apply for extension to my work permit. Question. Am I allowed to work from May till November? How many hours am I allowed?

Do you mean you are extending your study permit? Your study permit entitles you to work part time while school is in session and more hours while school is not in session. There is no longer any separate work permit. You can apply for a post graduate work permit but it seems as though you have already applied for a new study permit. (You need a study permit to take a one year course.) If this is true, you can work full time between May and August and then resume part time work in September.

If this answer is confusing, you should speak to an RCIC or a lawyer or IRCC.

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my brother went to Canada on study visa but after 3 years,in his last year of degree he married a Canadian girl and got “PR”.he is still married to that girl,but now i wanted to study in Canada on student visa! will their be any objection or chances of refusal because of my brother?

Your study permit application shouldn’t be rejected just because of your brother but they will likely think you more likely to try to stay with your brother already here. You will have to prove you are returning home after your degree.

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I’m a full-time medical student in Nigeria who just got an invitation letter from my citizen wife in Canada to apply for visitor visa. Please, what documents specifically do I need to convince the Visa Officer I’m willing to return to Nigeria?

You need to convince them that you will return, not just that you are willing. A deed to your house, or rental agreement with your landlord, plus proof that you are permanently in school and need to return to finish your degree are a start.

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I have work permit, which expires on 12th Aug. Till then I’m planning to visit Europe for vacations for few weeks. Still I will have the same job in Canada and planning to extend the validity of my work permit for few months. Can I re-enter Canada on 4th Aug? Should I apply for some documents before my vacations?

You should be able to re-enter however you can expect questions about your intentions if you haven’t gotten an extension. (This assumes you have a valid eTA/visa to get to Canada in the first place.)

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I went to canada on a study permit and visa which expires in december 2017 based on the original length of the MBA program. However i switched to another MBA which was an accelerated route and graduate earlier (in June 2016). Then i left Canada. Can i still enter Canada on that visa? (it has been approximately 10 months since i left canada physically)

If you still have a valid visitor visa, you can travel to Canada and enter Canada as a visitor. You should not attempt to enter as a student if that study permit contains incorrect information and you did not apply to correct it.

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I am from Africa (uganda) writing in regards to my grandfather who was burried in ottawa in the late 70s and was married to a canadian lady with whom they had a daughter. I as well looking for the aunt despite the fact that I don’t know the details.back here in uganda considering my grand fathers lineage all have died apart from the daughter in canada and grand children in uganda. My major request is to understand what and wheather I can get an immigration visage to canada to visit my ancestry grave(grandfather) and also look for my other only remaining aunty as well as work temporarilly in canada..above all documents of my grandfather are around

There is no special visa for this. You need to apply for a visitor visa.

If you want to work in Canada, you need to apply for a work permit, which normally requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and a job offer from a Canadian employer.

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