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am from Nigerian i meet a lady online and we have been dating for over 1years now and she want to invite me to Canada how can this works……coz I need to see her for good and we have been planing to get married.

  1. She sends you an invitation letter inviting you to stay with her in Canada.
  2. You book your trip.
  3. You assemble the information necessary to show you will return to Nigeria at the end of your trip.
  4. You submit your visitor visa application to the nearest visa office.
  5. When you receive your temporary residence visa (visitor visa), you travel to Canada.
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I am a dual canadian citizen and bangladeshi citizen. I am married to a British citizen residing in Bangladesh (who is also Bangladeshi. We are both resident of Bangladesh for many years as my husband business is based in Bangladesh. I was planning to go on a holiday to Canada for4 weeks to visit my sister with my husband and three kids . I wish to take with me my nanny who is Bangladshi so that she can look after my children. Just for your information our nanny has travelled with us to various countries including UK, Singapore , Thailand India etc. Therefore I was wondering what category of visa should I apply for her, should it be the visitor visa ?

Yes, it’s a visitor visa.

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My Canadian son just got engaged over Easter to his American girlfriend. They have both been traveling through the Windsor Detroit tunnel a lot to see each other.His fiancé was turned away twice before saying she came to Windsor too much. She works and attends school in Michigan. WHen she tried to enter Canada yesterday she was turned away and told she cannot renter Canada for 1 year. IS there anything that can be done?

She should speak to a lawyer or RCIC to see if she can appeal the one year ban.

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