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My Visa expires before my work permit how to apply for visa extension

This actually doesn’t matter.

That’s because your visa is a “travel document”, giving you permission to travel to Canada where the border guard will decide whether or not you could enter.

Your work permit is your “status document” which gives you permission to work in Canada.

As long as you are not travelling outside of Canada during your work permit’s validity, you do not need to renew your visa.

Now, if you do want to travel, you need to apply for that visa extension and you should be able to do so online at IRCC’s website.

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I’m a Filipina and working in Dubai. If i had the opportunity to find an employer in Canada. What is the best way to get my boyfriend? He is a Filipino also. Would it be Marry 1st at least a month before leaving Dubai? Is there any problem that i’ll encounter with the papers i already process with my employer if i’ll suddenly change status?

If you are married your husband can apply for an open work permit to accompany you on your work permit. If you are not married he cannot do that.

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My study permit expired recently and I’m trying to get a pr because I’m getting married soon will it be possible

The short answer is “no”. You cannot go from a study permit to PR. That is impossible.

If your fiance is Canadian (citizen or PR) they can sponsor you for permanent residence.

If your study permit expired less than 90 days ago, you can apply for an “open” work permit. If you work in Canada in a skilled occupation for at least a year you should be eligible to apply for PR then.

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Im a live in nanny here in canada my visa in my passport has expired already dated march 20,2017 but my working permit will be until june 21,2017 do i need to renew my passpirt visa?? Will i get in trouble because of this??

No you will not get in trouble.

Your visa is a “travel document” which lets you come to Canada. Your work permit is your status document. So as long as you stay in Canada during the validity of your work permit you do not need to renew your visa. You only need a new visa if you leave Canada and wish to return (by air/train/bus/ferry).

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