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My boyfriend was born in Toronto, moved to the U.K. when he was 6, is a British citizen and is currently living in Osby, Sweden. He is coming to visit me in Missouri in July. With the new travel regulations, he is having to get his passport renewed and in order to do this, he is having to get a replacement copy of his birth certificate. The Canadian Embassy in Stockholm directed us Ontario’s website. Where we are running into problems is finding a Canadian guarantor in Sweden. He has a guarantor that is on the approved list of professions but we need things expedited so that he can get his passport renewed in time for his trip July 1. We started this process weeks ago and have not made any progress. Help!

You can pay the Ontario government for “premium service” which speeds up the processing time to 5 business days.

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My son was born in Winnipeg, MB 09/18/98, in 2000, I moved him and myself to Florida. A couple years later, my mother adopted him while I went to treatment. I had his original certificate, and lost it, then my Mom sent for a new one, of course with her name on it. She gave him back to me when she felt I could handle it. I have had him since he started kindergarten. Whenever apply for a new one and pay for it, it can only be with her last name on it, which he does not go by and never has. My rights were terminated by Vital Statistics, have any suggestions, my son is 18 now and needs an I.D.

Your son is going to have to change the registration of birth, as it seems to have been changed when the adoption took place. He should read up on how to change it. He can call Manitoba Vital Statistics if he is having trouble: 1-866-949-9296.

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