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I am a female Canadian citizen born in 1996, my Mother and other maternal family members are from England. My mother came to Canada in 1993 and became a Canadian citizen in 2003, my father is a Canadian citizen but they never got married and are not together. I travelled to England in 1998 and was placed onto my mothers British passport until it expired. I would like to know whether I am eligible to get my British passport as I plan to go to England to study.

You are. You can apply for your UK passport using your birth certificate and your mother’s birth certificate.

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I am a British/Irish/Canadian citizen, born in 1969 in Belfast. My family immigrated to Canada in 1970. I am currently in the process of applying for my first British passport. I am, however, trying to navigate the website and it’s not entirely clear what documents I need regarding my parents. It says I need to provide the following: • their passports at the time of the applicant’s conception • full birth certificates (showing both the child’s and parents’ details) • their marriage certificate. It’s not clear if I need to provide all of these or just one of these. I know I can order their birth and marriage certicates through NI Direct; however, for the passport numbers, I don’t think they’re in possession of them anymore. I find it kind of strange that the website and HM Passport Office require so much or any information on my parents given I was born in the UK.

You have to provide your birth certificate. The information you are referring to is for those claiming UK citizenship through descent (i.e. those born abroad).

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