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Every Canadian permanent resident who is not yet a citizen should hold a valid PR Card. PR cards for newly landed immigrants are issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) upon arrival. CIC are also responsible for dealing with lost, stolen or damaged PR Cards.

How to get a new PR Card:

  • Complete the application form
  • Gather your documents:
    • Your passport
    • Your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) or Record of Landing
    • PR Card
    • Canadian ID (Driver’s License for example)
    • CRA Notice of Assessment
  • Make photocopies of your documents
  • Pay the Fee
  • Submit application and photocopies to IRCC
  • Get your PR Card in the mail
how do i renounce my permanent resident status

We wrote about how to renounce your permanent resident status here.

pleace help me to find answer to my question. My husbands PR card is expires May 31 , 2017. He haven’t fill full PR card requerment to be in Canada days required.He have a ticket of entry to Canada 25 may 2017. he is planning to entry Canada for 20 day, for ours daugthers graduation. Will he have problem entering Canada at border even his card will be expired in 5 days

He probably will. They will probably notice the date and ask him about his travels. They will likely let him in but there is a risk that his status could be investigated or worse.

How many days before I can apply for New PR card before expiry.

6 months ahead of time.

For employment history on my PR renewal application, do I need to provide specific dates or is the month + year sufficient?

The month and year is usually sufficient.

I landed in Canada with my parents when I was 4 yr old back in 1995. We left Canada shortly after we landed and didn’t complete the process. I am holding a US passport and is a US citizen. I do not have a Canadian PR card. Would Canada still consider I am a landed immigrant? Can I enter Canada using my US passport without the Canadian PR card?

I landed in Canada with my parents when I was 4 yr old back in 1995. We left Canada shortly after we landed and didn’t complete the process. I am holding a US passport and is a US citizen. I do not have a Canadian PR card. Would Canada still consider I am a landed immigrant? Can I enter Canada using my US passport without the Canadian PR card? Thanks.

The answer depends upon what you mean by “didn’t complete the process.” If you landed and became Permanent Residents, then you still have that status unless you voluntarily renounced it. However, if you somehow didn’t become Permanent Residents when you landed then you wouldn’t be. (We don’t know why that would have happened but the laws were different in 1995.)

I came here as a permanent resident in feburary 2017 under FSW (Express entry). I am presently working for the employer who sponsored me for the job while i was back home and got me a LMIA. (worth 600 points) and it helped me get PR. I am not happy working for this employer and want to change the job , but the employer is telling me that i can not and they can cancel my PR. I want to know whether it is true or can i change my job.

You can change your job whenever you want if you are a permanent resident. Your employer has no control over your status if you have permanent status.

i landed as a permanent resident in feb 2017,and started working with the employer who had given me a lmia(Job Offer). My question is can i leave this employer and work anywhere in canada if i have a better opportunity?

If you’re a permanent resident you don’t need an LMIA and you can work for anyone you want.

If you came here with a job offer backed by an LMIA, you came here as a temporary worker and not a permanent resident.

Me and my wife landed in Canada on 13th March’17, got the entry after applying for PR card at the airport.We gave the address of a friend living in Toronto. We had to return back to India on 3rd April due to some business related issue. Just wanted to know if it is Ok to travel while the PR card is not received. Recently i got a mail from CIC asking for another photo to process PR card. So is it Ok if i send it from my home country? We plan to return back next year after settling down my business here for long term…In the mean time my friend in Toronto will send us the PR card when he receives it…Kindly suggest..

You can submit the photo. They will see the postmark and know it is not from Canada. Since you have already landed there is nothing that the officer can do at the moment but presumably it will be noted for the future when it is time to renew your PR Card and your application may receive more scrutiny at that time.

I live in UAE and want to submit my Voluntary Renunciation Of Permanent Resident . want to sent related documents and their Form by COURIER , and need a details address for Courier,which included Building Name , street name etc as on the Web they have given mailing address as PO Box 6970 , Abu Dhabi UAE , which is not sufficient for courier to deliver. Appreciate your help

Couriers normally cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

Have you thought about registered mail?

Here is the address:

Abu Dhabi Trade Towers (Abu Dhabi Mall), West Tower, 9th Floor, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

They may not accept courier deliveries though.

I came back back home from Canada 4 nov 2017 I have questions I am pr card holder my pr card expire date in2019 how long I stay there because I’m sick now I not want go back it’s possible I want stay more months

You must stay here at least 2 years out of every 5 calendar years to maintain your status.

I became a PR of Canada in July of 2012. My wife is Canadian (now dual US and CAN) and my two kids are both dual. We lived in Canada for 2 full years until July of 2014 and moved back to the US for my wife’s job. My eldest daughter stayed in Canada for an additional year and I retained a residence for that year even though I was in the US with my wife. My card is set to expire in Sept 2017, and I need to renew it even though we are still living in the US as my eldest daughter is about to start University in Canada and I need to be able to go back and forth. I can’t figure out how to renew while I am not present in Canada and have no immediate plans to relocate due to my wife’s work. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

You have to return to Canada to renew your PR Card. You cannot renew it from outside of Canada.

Since you are legally allowed to maintain your PR status due to your wife’s citizenship, we can tell you that you could come to Canada to submit the PR Card application and try to use your daughter’s address for your mailing address.

I´m entering my travel history in the PR, but I don’t have stamps for a trip I did to the US (neither in or out of the country). I don’t even remember the exact dates to be honest. Should I include the info with the approximate dates?

Approximate dates are fine. When you give permission to IRCC to contact CBSA on the PR Card Application form, they will find out the exact dates.

My pr card has expired. I applied for on the beginning of Feb, 2017. I hold a British passport and we are going to Scotland May 4. Can my sister courier my or card to me if it doesn’t arrive before we leave?

Yes. Make sure your sister notes the tracking number.

I have a valid PR card but mistakeningly brought my expired card in stead. Only discovered mistake en route to Mexico. What can I do. I had my daughter send a picture by phone , will this be enough?

The picture will not be enough unless you have a really understanding airline staffer. Check with your airline just to be safe, to see whether or not they will accept a picture.

If they won’t, you have two options:

  1. One is to risk having it couriered to you. Make sure your daughter uses a tracking number. There is, of course, a risk of it getting lost if you do this.
  2. The other, safer but more expensive, option is to change your flight to the American city nearest you (provided you have a US visa) and get your daughter to pick you up at the American airport with the card in her position.

I have US visa for ten years and canada PR card but my visit as PR first can i visit US without getting PR card

Only if you are driving back to Canada.

If you are returning to Canada by plane, train, bus, ferry or cruise ship you will need your PR Card to board the vessel/vehicle.

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