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The NEXUS card is a trusted traveller initiative from the United States Customs and Border Protection. It was designed to expedite land, air and sea travel for low risk travellers between Canada and the United States. To get your NEXUS Card you must be eligible and then you must complete the following steps:

  • Create a account
  • Gather your citizenship and admissibility documents
  • Go to the TTP website
  • Complete the application
  • Book your interview
  • Attend your interview
  • Receive your NEXUS Card in the mail
I am a dual citizen of Canada and the US, but my US passport has expired. Can I enter the US using my nexus card?

If your Canadian passport is still valid you should use your Canadian passport.

The NEXUS Card is not proof of citizenship. However, some officers of both border agencies will sometimes accept it as such. You can try using it if you are driving across the border, but there is a good chance you will be turned away. Use your Canadian passport or renew your American passport.

When I filled out my application, I had answered no to the question about travelling outside Canada and USA. I realized after I submitted it that a cruise I went on had to port in the Bahamas and Tortola. Do I mention this in the interview? Or will I be denied?

You should explain it at the interview. Most likely you will not be denied but it is up to the officer.

my passport in expiring three days after my nexus interview, I that a problem?

You should have renewed your passport before you applied for your NEXUS Card.

Now, you will have to update your NEXUS membership with the new passport:

  • If you have the new one already, bring it to the interview.
  • If you don’t have it yet, you’ll have to go back to an enrolment centre once you do.

I live in St. John’s and left my nexus card at work in Alberta, can I print a temporary one for the next trip back to work?

There are no temporary NEXUS Cards. You will have to travel back to Alberta using the normal security lines.

I did not include a country that I visited on my travel history. Will this be a problem in the interview?

It might be. You should disclose this during your interview.

my 3 kids had their renewal interview today. We received approvals for 2 of them within half an hour of the visit and nothing for the 3rd child. Is this normal?

You should check again in 48 hours or so. If there’s still an issue, contact the enrolment centre where the interview was held to see what’s wrong.

I need to edit an answer on my nexus application

If you certified your application, you must correct the mistake at the interview.

If you have not yet certified your application, log in to your TTP account to make the change.

Can I still use my nexus card at the airport

Provided you got your irises scanned when you applied for your NEXUS, and provided your card is not expired, you can use it at airports equipped with NEXUS or Global Entry kiosks.

Our NEXUS Cards expire in July 2017 and September 2017 respectively. We applied for renewal online January 9, 2017 and are traveling to the US in March of 2017. Our renewal has yet to be confirmed. Are our Nexus cards still valid until they expire or must we wait for the renewals to be approved?

Yes, your cards are still valid until they expire.

I have a NEXUS card and have just received a new passport. I updated my passport number on the American GOES site. Does this also update my passport information for the Canadian Border Services Agency?

It should be updated but, to me safe, travel to your nearest enrolment centre to make sure the passport is updated.

I got an interview date and time at Lansdowne but cannot get the same date time for my wife. Do I just bring her along to the same interview as has an app number and is in the Goes system.

Please contact the Lansdowne Enrolment centre first, at 613-659-3085 or 613-659-4030. If you do not call first, there is a chance they will not see your wife.

I have not received my Nexus card in the mail yet.

If it has been more than 10 calendar days since you received your approval through TTP (usually the same day as you attended your interview), you need to call the enrolment centre you attended for your interview to report that you have not received your NEXUS Card.

If you are not sure whether or not you were approved, check your TTP account first, before calling the enrolment centre.

I was told by one of your staff I can use my nexus card for 6 months after it’s expired as I started the renewal process before the card expired. I keep reading you can’t use an expired card. Can u clarify?

You cannot use your NEXUS Card after it expires.

My Nexus card expires Jan 21, 2017 Renewal is conditionally approved. Interview is booked for February 2. I am travelling to USA Jan. 9 and will not re-enter Canada until Jan.31. Will my current Nexus card still to be valid for re-entry to Canada?

Your NEXUS card expires before you return to Canada so you will not be able to use your old card when you return to Canada. You can still enter Canada the normal way – make sure you have your valid passport.

If I have a Nexus Card and my passport is being renewed can I travel between the US and Canada with only my Nexus card?

You are supposed to be able to travel between the US and Canada by private vehicle (car, private plane, private boat) with just a NEXUS Card. However, in Immigroup’s experience, some CBP and CBSA agents will ask to see passports in addition to NEXUS Cards, so you should be aware that there is some small chance you will have trouble. We recommend bringing as much additional identification as possible, such as your enhanced driver’s license, if you have one.


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