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The NEXUS card is a trusted traveller initiative from the United States Customs and Border Protection. It was designed to expedite land, air and sea travel for low risk travellers between Canada and the United States. To get your NEXUS Card you must be eligible and then you must complete the following steps:

  • Create a account
  • Gather your citizenship and admissibility documents
  • Go to the TTP website
  • Complete the application
  • Book your interview
  • Attend your interview
  • Receive your NEXUS Card in the mail
I have a Global Entry and applied for Nexus over 2 months ago. Still in review. Problem?

It can take 3 months even longer. The processing delays have been getting worse and worse. So no, no problem.

I had my Nexus card confiscated about a year ago at the US border because I had failed to notify Nexus of a status change – I had gotten a TN1 Visa. i now have an E2 Visa and want to re-apply. is there anything I need to know or do before re-applying?

You should attempt to address the reason you card got confiscated. If you can’t do so in the online application, be prepared to do so in the interview as you will get asked about it if you get that far in the process.

I just got a DUI in Alberta and have a Nexus card-am I required/supposed to inform them of this? Also will this cause my card not to be renewed when it expires (not til 2020)?

Yes, you are obligated to inform them of your charge. If you have been convicted, it will likely result in the confiscation of your NEXUS Card.

how long to apply for Nexus after a vilolation

You can re-apply immediately. What matters for your future approval is what, if anything, you’ve done to address the violation.

looking for a letter of consent form to apply my daughter for NEXUS. This form is to be filled out by my ex.

Here is a consent letter from a private company. You can also find templates from the Canadian government.

I have a Nexus card but my husband does not because it was refused due to a DUI 2 years ago. Can I use the Nexus Lane and him the regular lane or because I travel with him I have to use the regular lane and not benefit my Nexus card? Also, when I filled the request and sent it by mail, I have specified his DUI, called his lawyer, called Nexus, etc. He was accepted for his interview and they refused saying we did not mention he had a DUI, then it could cause problem for a false declaration which is not because it was on the original request that I sent to them after the interview. Will this cause a problem for him to enter the USA now?

You can use different security lanes at the airport, if you must, but you cannot use different lanes at the border unless you are driving in two separate cars.

The DUI likely disqualifies your husband from NEXUS but shouldn’t have an affect on his entering the US as Canada tends to take drinking and driving more seriously than the US. It also depends upon which agency refused his NEXUS Card, CBSA or CBP.

Can I travel by air and use the nexus lines with a conditionally approved renewal nexus card and a valid passport? My interview is scheduled for the week after I travel

If your current NEXUS card has already expired you cannot use it.

How do I indicate that I have been retired for more than 5 years in the Employment History section of the Nexus application?

There should be an option to indicated “Retired.”

I have applied for a NEXUS card and entered my current passport information. This passport expires next year. Will the card be transferred to the new passport, or will I have to redo the application?

If you have been approved for a NEXUS card once your passport expires, you can update your NEXUS membership at an enrolment centre. If you get your new passport before you are approved, you should bring both your new and old passports to the interview.

I have just applied for a NEXUS card. I have had three surnames that I have used; my maiden name, my (first) married name (which was hyphenated) and my current married name. What documentation is accepted for each of these names? Do I need a marriage certificate for both marriages, a divorce decree and marriage certificate for my current marriage, or is my current passport sufficient?

You should bring everything to the interview to be safe. They may or may not ask but, if they do ask, you want to be prepared to explain everything then and there.

I lost my interview letter!!! but I do have the picture of it!! what should I do????

Bring the picture of the interview letter with you to the interview.

do i need to submit copy of ALL passport pages or just the photo and ID pages with my paper nexus application? 

Just the photo ID page.

Passport has my first & middle name and last name, but my driver’s license has middle name and last name (first name is not on my driver’s license). Will there be an issue applying for a nexus card?

There shouldn’t be, but be sure to have an explanation ready at the interview when they ask you why.

I have a Nexus card and I just updated my Passport and now it has a new number do I have to do anything for my Nexus card for it to continue to work?

You should take your new passport to the nearest NEXUS enrolment centre so it can be updated in your file. You do not need to make an appointment.

my nexus card expired last month. can i renew it online?

Yes. You can renew your NEXUS Card at the Trusted Traveller Program website.


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