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Marriage to a Foreigner FAQ

Marrying a foreigner in Canada is a straight-forward process, though there are slight variations in the process between provinces. In order to marry, you need:

  • a completed marriage license application
  • the correct fee (often in cash)
  • photo IDs for borh parties (passports are best)
  • proof of single status for the foreigner (such as a divorce certificate, duly translated)

Step-by-Step Guide: How to get married in Canada to a foreigner?

Free Course: How to Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada

Contact your City Hall or or municipal office for more details and the application form.
I’m pregnant and a Canadian citizen, my boyfriend is a international student in Canada. We plan to go to China for a while and coming back to Canada to give birth. I want to know should we get marry in Canada or China?

This question was asked during the middle of the 2020 pandemic. We can’t help but answer that travel while pregnant seems like a very bad idea right now.

Where you should marry depends upon where you want to live in the future. If you want to live in Canada, marrying in Canada makes the sponsorship application easier (because it does not involve the translation and verification of your Chinese marriage certificate). We can only presume that marrying in China would make the same process in China easier.

My spouse is 18 and i am 28. She is wanting to come to canada and we want to get married although we are afraid she would get sent back to america. My primary question is if we get married in Ontario and me being a Born and Raised Canadian Citizen will she be allowed to stay?

No, she will not be allowed to say indefinitely. Being married to a Canadian in no way confers status on somebody else. You have to sponsor her for permanent residence once you are married.

Visitors are usually admitted into Canada for 6 months or less. We don’t know how COVID-19 is affecting these regulations. If she is admitted she will be notified for how long (6 months or less) at the port of entry.

I am a Canadian citizen living in the U.S. for my undergrad. My husband is a Filipino citizen, and we got married in the U.S. What will happen if I must urgently move to Canada, due to lack of employment after graduating with my undergrad and because of the COVID19 pandemic? Will I be able to bring my husband with me to Canada? He does not have a PR or visa for Canada.

Normally, our answer would be that your husband can try to enter with you as a visitor. However, under these circumstances, things are very different. It is a decision that may be up to the border officer at the Port of Entry if you are driving. If you are flying, your husband would have to apply for a visitor visa first, and it’s hard to imagine those applications are being granted frequently right now.

I’m Indonesian citizen woman want to get marry my boy friend Canadian man , I have 5 years Canadian touris multiple visa . I had been once in Canada for a month . And I will come to Canada again on July 2017 , and we plan to get married in Edmonton Alberta, what document or paper I should prepare before I come to Canada and his paper ?? I’m single and have 2 daughter never been married , and he is single too

You will need your passport. Some jurisdictions may also require proof of single status, so he should inquire in Edmonton as to whether or not they will require you to provide some kind of proof that you are single.

Marrying him grants you no status in Canada. To learn more about getting status through marriage, click here.

If my lady friend from China comes here on a tourist visa is there any way we can be married while she is here and what would we have to do to make it possible for her to stay here permanently after we are marrisd?

Yes, of course you can marry while she’s in Canada.

Once you are married you can submit an inland spousal sponsorship application.

I’m a International Student living in Canada, I’m on Study Permit and my bf lives in USA he is on Work Permit and we both want to get married in Canada, So how to get married in Canada? will that change my passport and current status, Can i bring him on Visiting visa to Canada and can get married?

If can get a visitor visa to Canada or drive to the border and enter in a non-commercial vehicle, then you can marry in Canada. It will not change your status or his.

I am a permanent resident in Canada and have a partner in Philippines (same sex) for 8 years. How can we be together since Philippines dont accept same sex marriage? If we get married in a third country that accepts same sex marriage and doesnt required visa, will Canada acknowledge it?

Canada regards legal marriages in other countries as legal marriages with very few exceptions. If you marry in a third country where same sex marriage is legal, there is no reason to suspect Canada will not acknowledge it.

Im international student here in Canada. Im Filipino citizen and married in the Philippines. I filed divorce here in Canada and was granted last August 2016.I have boyfriend here canadian citizen and were planning to get married. So i can marry him even though the divorce ia not recognize in the Philippines.

Yes, absolutely. A divorce in Canada is considered legal by most countries, if not the Philippines.

I’m a Canadian, and my girlfriend is a foreigner on a work permit. If we get married, can she work right away and get citizenship?

No. If you marry you can sponsor her for permanent residence. At this time she could apply for an open work permit.

I m in canada on refugee status. My case is in process. Can i marry to a canadian citizen.. what would be my status after martiage. I will be go through all process for PR on refugee status or other?

If you marry a Canadian nothing will happen to your status.

Your Canadian spouse would have to sponsor you for permanent residence. The process will take about one year from the time you submit the sponsorship application (after your marriage).

I’m a Canadian citizen and my fiancé is Czech. We want to marry in Canada (NB). But she does not plan on moving here until her son is 18 (12 years from now). Can we still legally marry in Canada even if she doesn’t plan on migrating here right away? What documents would she need to bring with her to legally marry in Canada?

Yes, you can legally marry in Canada. There is no requirement that your spouse live here afterwards.

She will need her passport. She may need proof of single status. Contact the municipal office in New Brunswick where you are going to apply for the marriage license to confirm if she needs proof of single status.


I am a Canadian citizen and my boyfriend is Portuguese, we’re looking to get married in Toronto, does he need any kind of document from his home country, besides ID, passport and birthday certificate? 

Probably not, but to be safe call the municipal office where you plan to get married to confirm he does not need proof of single status from Portugal.

I’m an American married to a Canadian woman and I now have dual citizenship, she wants to file for divorce. If we divorce will I stay a dual citizen or will I lose it?

You cannot lose your citizenship through divorce.

Sikh Canadian BA Psychology dual citizen ( indian and canadian) born on sep 13, 1993 marries to muslim software engineer currently in pakistan( born on jan 12, 1992 and born in saudi arabia and currently living in pakistan.) The marriage was registered in pakistan due to boy’s mom is sick with hepatitus C and boy’s father is paralysed. This is done on the behalf of boy’s side. Now dual (Indian and canadian) citizen mom wants to sponsor the boy to get married here in Canada because girl is already a citizen of canada. As the girl’s family did not attend the marriage. So both will re marry in Canada with the girl’s family this time. It all happened due to India and Pakistan polictical problems. The girls family is canadian citizen but they did not go on marriage because of the old restrictions of polictical parties. The marriage at pakistan was on sep 23, 2016 and reception was done on Oct 8. The couple met on facebook and they talked for 4 years on facebook and decided to get marry. So i want to arrange marriage here in canada first before she sponsors him. Can it be done?

Canada recognizes legal marriages in other countries so there is no need to marry here too as long as initial marriage is legal.

However, you wish to do so before the sponsorship for some reason, you’ll have to be invited and come here on a visitor visa.

The easier thing would be to get sponsored first and then have the Canadian marriage celebration after you get here.

a new immigrant in canada with PR card just got recently, is it possible i invite a girlfriend in canada then i marry her? and what is the cost of me inviting her and marrying her? she is from kenya.

You have to write her a letter to invite her.

The visa application costs CAD$100.

If you or her state that marriage is the main reason for the trip to Canada her application will likely be refused.

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