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Marriage to a Foreigner FAQ

Marrying a foreigner in Canada is a straight-forward process, though there are slight variations in the process between provinces. In order to marry, you need:

  • a completed marriage license application
  • the correct fee (often in cash)
  • photo IDs for borh parties (passports are best)
  • proof of single status for the foreigner (such as a divorce certificate, duly translated)

Step-by-Step Guide: How to get married in Canada to a foreigner?

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Contact your City Hall or or municipal office for more details and the application form.
i am a permanent resident here in Canada and want to get married with my boyfriend from US, what do we have to do?

Provided your boyfriend is currently in Canada…

When the local marriage office reopens, after the pandemic measures are lessened, you need to complete a marriage application, pay the fee, provide your IDs (passports are acceptable for foreigners) and it is possible, that they will require proof of your boyfriend’s single status. (Call/email ahead to confirm that is not a requirement.)

That’s it.

If my fiance is about to go to Canada in a few months from now he is under Manitoba Skilled Worker Program. Is it possible to get married before he leaves? Does his application won’t be affected?

If he has already received his Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) it will not affect his application.

My fiance is from Jamaica and I am from Canada, dating for 21mths. We would like to elope in Canada. In relation to the Jamaican culture, elopement is not a traditional practice. However, if we elope in Canada would elopement be an issue? I am a Canadian citizen and don’t want to spend too much money on a wedding. We agreed to have a vow renewal a year or two afterwards. I don’t want any delays.

As long as your fiance can get a visa to Canada and enter the country – unlikely during the pandemic – you can marry in Canada no problem.

I am a Canadian citizen but I live and work outside of Canada and became a non-resident of Canada 5 years ago. I am planning on marrying my Bulgarian girlfriend in Ontario this summer. What documents do we need to obtain a marriage license and marriage certificate?

You will both need your passports. You can contact the municipal office where you plan to get married to see if you need other documentation outside of the application and the fee.

If i got married with a canadian citizen and i am right nos in canada with a visa am i able to stay for longer that 6 months?

You can only overstay your visitor status if your spouse has already submitted the sponsorship application. If that application has not been submited when your visitor status is about to expire, you have to leave the country.

I am Canadian studying in the US. I want to marry my American boyfriend in Canada so my family can attend, but then return to the US to complete my studies and likely live there and work, have a family, etc. Is this possible, or should we be married in the US? What would the travel restrictions be if we were married in Canada but lived in the US? I have heard horror stories of not being able to re-enter Canada for years…

Under normal circumstances this is very possible. Once pandemic travel restrictions are eased again, it will be possible again.

As long as your American fiance isn’t trying to live in Canada, there shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m single and a dual citizen living here in Canada over 20 years and wish to marry a foreigner. Do I need a document to prove a single status from Canada or from my country of birth?

You do not need proof of single status but it is possible, though unlikely, that your fiance may need proof iof single status. Contact your local municipal office where you plan to marry to find out.

I am a Canadian citizen. I have a friend who’s from Egypt and we are both gays. He’s trying to get a Visa to come to Canada. Now, the question is will I be able to marry him when he’s here on a visiting Visa? And what do I need to do to make him stay here with me for good.

If his visa application is approved and he travel to Canada you can legally marry him here while he’s admitted as a visitor.

Once married you can sponsor him for permanent residence.

Can i marry a Canadian citizen while on tourist visa and can I live and work after the marriage

Yes, you can marry a Canadian while you’re here on a tourist visa. Marrying the Canadian citizen does nothing to your status, you will still be a visitor after the marriage. You need to be sponsored for PR.

I have no valid visa in Canada. I have been staying here for 10 years and without renewal of my tourist visa. I have a Canadian botfriend. Can we marry here?

No, you need legal status to legally marry in Canada.

Moreover, you need legal status to be sponsored.

You need to leave Canada, as soon as the travel restrictions are eased, and then you can re-enter.

If I am Canadian, marrying a Zambian in Canada do we need any special documents?

It’s possible your Zambian partner will need more than just their passport – they may need “proof of single status” but this depends upon the jurisdiction. Once the pandemic is more under control, call up your local municipal office to see.

I am a student in Canada. My girlfriend belongs from Colombia and we want to get married in next month here in Canada. Would there be any effect on my visa status? Could she get work visa here after marriage?

Under normal circumstances you could marry any time. However, due to the pandemic you will have to wait until the marriage license office reopens.

Your marriage will not affect your visa status.

Her marriage will not affect her status, i.e. she will not be able to do anything differently just because she married you.

I am a Canadian, divorced (originally married in the Philippines), and planning to get married in Canada (Vancouver). My fiance is Swiss. Do I need to do some sort of a preliminary application for marriage at the city hall in Vancouver before my fiance could come to Canada for marriage? Or, could he just come to Canada as tourist and get married during his vacation? Would Switzerland then honour the marriage certificate from Canada in order for us to live in Switzerland after?

There is no preliminary step you need to take, if your fiance can get an eTA and come here, you can marry in Vancouver. You will both need proof of identity and he might need proof of single status.

We’re a Canadian website and don’t know whether or not Switzerland recognizes Canadian marriage certificates but most countries recognize marriage certificates from other countries provided

  1. The marriage certificate can be certified as legitimate AND
  2. The marriage would have been legal had it taken place in their country.

Im a Canadian citizen and want to marry my filipina gf from the Philippines, and then sponsor her. For the marriage, does she have to be in canada or it can be done remotely? If she has to be in canada, will she be able to get the travel visa easier?

To the best of our knowledge, no countries allow “remote” marriage – you both have to be physically present, in Canada, in the Philippines or in some third country.

The fact of marriage does not make it easier for her to get a visitor visa. It actually might make it harder – if her only purpose for coming to Canada is to marry you, that application will likely be refused.

If I married a Bermudan would I lose my health insurance or my old age pension


Why would you lose your health insurance or pension because you got married?!?!

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