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Support help line: 1-855-760-0888

FAST Card is an initiative from the US Customs and Border Protection designed to expedite land crossing between Canada and the US for commercial truck drivers.

If you are a truck driver, an American or Canadian citizen, or a Permanent Resident of either country, you may be eligible for a Free And Secure Trade (FAST) Card.

A FAST Card is an identity document that allows you and your truck to be pre-cleared for customs when crossing the Canada-US border.

A FAST Card lets you make use of special FAST lanes at certain border crossings.

Get your FAST Card now and avoid delays.

How to update fast card online

Go to the TTP website and log in to update your FAST Card information.

how to renew my fast card

You need to go re-apply using the TTP website. If nothing has changed since your last application, you may not have to attend the interview and your card may be processed quickly.

I know someone who lied on the FAST card application by saying that they have never had a criminal record. They have but received a pardon for it. That was not mentioned to either the Canadian or US border agents during the interview. What can happen to them?

Well, if caught, they can have their FAST Card revoked. And they can be banned from all future trusted traveller programs in Canada and the United States. And it’s reasonable to expect delays and interrogation at the border from now on. But there probably aren’t any criminal consequences.

I didn’t get my fast card after 15 days of my interview

Contact the office where you had the interview and see what has happened.

I have a criminal record which I have both been pardoned and received a US Travel waiver for, am I eligible for a fast card?

The answer is probably no, you are not eligible for a FAST Card. However, whether or not you are, depends on many factors, including the type(s) of crime(s), how long ago they occurred and so forth. The only way you will find out whether or not you can get one is by applying, sorry to say.

Will having my Nexus card make getting my Fast Card and Canadian passport faster or easier?

Having a NEXUS Card will not speed up your Canadian Passport application.

It may exempt you from an interview as part of your FAST Card application.

As a United Kingdom Truck driver, can I apply for a fast card before coming to Canada.

No, you must be a permanent resident for at least three years before applying for a FAST Card.

if fined for a misdemeanour 32 years ago can you still get a fast card

That is up to the officer reviewing the application. Unfortunately the only way you can know for sure is if you apply for a Card.

my citizen status is changed from permanent resident to Canadian citizen so in this case how can i change my fast cards information which mentions me as my previous nationality. please advise.

You will need to attend a FAST Card enrolment centre with your citizenship certificate to update your membership.

If you received a pardon will that hinder you getting a fast card?

Yes, you are unlikely to be approved. However, depending on what the crime was, what the sentence was, ¬†and how long ago it occurred, it’s always possible they will deem you eligible. The only way to truly discover whether or not you are eligible is to apply.

Lost my fast card

First, you need to report it lost. Then you will have to apply for a replacement the same way you applied for it the first time.

Where is location fast card office?

There are a number of enrollment centres:
Province / TerritoryLocationHours
AlbertaSweetgrass, MontanaTues & Thurs 8AM-4PM
BCBlaine, WashingtonMon-Sat 8AM-4PM
ManitobaWarroad, MinnesotaBy appointment, Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM (Thursdays open till 6PM)

ManitobaPembina, North DakotaMon-Fri 8AM-4PM
New BrunswickWoodstock, NBMon-Fri 9AM-5PM
New BrunswickCalais, MaineMon-Fri 9AM-5PM
OntarioPort Huron, MichiganMichigan Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM
OntarioLansdowne, ONAppointment only, Mon-Wed 8AM-4PM

OntarioFort Frances, ONAppointment only
Summer: Mon-Thurs 8:30AM-6:30PM

Winter: Mon, Wed 9AM-4PM, Thurs 11AM-7PM

OntarioFort Erie, ONMon-Fri 8:30AM-10PM, Sat 9AM-3PM
QuebecDerby Line, VermontAppointment only
Tues & Thurs 8AM-4PM

QuebecChamplain, New YorkMon-Thurs 8AM-4PM
SaskatchewanPortal, North DakotaMon, Tues, Fri 8AM-4PM
Wed-Thurs 8AM-8PM
YukonSkagway, AlaskaSun-Thurs 8AM-4PM AST
YukonAlcan, AlaskaBy appointment only, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


How much does a fast card cost? Also If My passport comes in first can I cross with that only? I am a new truck driver and am going to be going to the USA with this company which I have not done before. I am looking for my quickest way to get working and also want both these meaning the fast card and passport and am sending both out. Thank you.

The advantage of using the Fast membership is that you are cleared into Canada or the United States with greater speed and efficiency.

The fee to apply is non-refundable CAN$50 per applicant.

Your participation in the FAST program is strictly voluntary; so you would be able to use your passport prior to you waiting for your FAST Card.

I am a permenant resident of Canada to apply for the Fast Card do i need to have a US visa or my passport is enough to apply.

Under the U.S. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, FAST members who are Canadian or U.S. citizens can use their FAST membership card as an alternative document to the passport when entering the United States by land or water. Permanent residents of Canada or the United States still require a passport and visa (if applicable) to enter the United States.

Please visit the following site to see if you need to apply for a US Visa:

What happens at the FAST interview?

The interviewing officer asks you questions about your work and travel to the US. He/she also goes through your application form to ensure that all of your data has been entered accurately. A digital photo is taken and your fingerprints are digitally scanned. After this the officer will go through the rules of the FAST Card program.


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