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Canadian Visa FAQ

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How to get a Temporary Resident Visa, Work Permit or Study Permit for Canada

Most people who need visas can now apply online for visitor visas. To apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV aka visitor visa) on paper, you must

  • satisfy a visa officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay,
  • show that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family members in Canada and to return home,
  • not intend to work or study in Canada unless authorized to do so with a work permit or study permit,
  • be law abiding and have no record of criminal activity,
  • not be a risk to the security of Canada,
  • provide any additional document requested by the officer to establish your admissibility,¬†and
  • be in good health (complete a medical examination if required).
Not all visitors need visas to come to Canada. If you are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), you do not need a visa.

i had my work permit in 2015 for one year and than i applied for study permit in end of dec and recived it until dec 2017 .but i came to india nd has been 1 year over student visa is valid until dec 2017 can i still go to canada ? if i want to go ?

You can if you have a valid visitor visa as well. The study permit should get you in the country but it won’t let you fly here. You need the visitor visa to fly here.

If I received a working visa in 2015 am I eligible for another one?

You may extend your work permit if it’s still valid. If it’s expired, you will have to renew it. You will need a job offer and LMIA just like you did the first time.

Please do I need police certificate for a visitor visa application of not more than 6 months?

Not necessarily. It depends upon which country where you are from. They will request one from you if you need it.

I’m a man applying for visiitor visa from Nigeria. I once changed my name and got the necessary legal documents to back up the change. Since there is a question about previous name or nickname in the application, can this change hinder the success of my application?

As long as you provide adequate documentation to show that you are the same person, it should pose no difficulty.

I got my working visa for Canada but I can’t fly right away because my work in hk is not yet finish how long do I need to stay herein hk? Does my working visa have an expiration if I can’t fly right away?

Unfortunately we cannot answer your question completely because the expiry date of your work permit depends upon what type of work permit it is.

I have an open work permit and waiting for my permanent residency to be granted. I have a baby and my maternity leave is already done. I went back to work for two months then i filed for vacation since it’s my husband’s annual leave and we need to meet in our birth country since he can’t come to canada yet (waiting for permanent residency to be approve to join us in) this is also the first time he will be able to meet our baby. But the company I’m working in wouldn’t allow me for a leave since i just came back from my maternity leave. I’m planning to resign. And just find a job when i came back after my vacation. Since I don’t want to miss the moment to meet my husband and my husband to meet our baby. However I’m in scared that immigration will deny my re-entry if I don’t have a current job. I have also a valid multiple visa. Our pr application already is in 4yrs of waiting. So I can’t wait for another more year to be with my family since i gave birth alone. I’m asking if I’ll be denied for re-entry to Canada if I don’t have a current job?

This is a complicated situation. You should speak to a lawyer or an immigration consultant. They will need to know more information about your open work permit.

Normally, if you were on an open work permit and you have a valid visitor visa you should have no trouble returning to Canada. However, there is some conflicting information in your question so we have concerns about the validity of all three of your work permit, visitor visa and immigration application.

So I have entered Canada on a visitor visa while my PR is under way. My husband and children are Canadian citizens. My visitor visa will expire in one month however I was also asked to send my passport to finalize my PR. So my question is do I still need to extend my visitor visa now that my PR is almost here?

If you plan to leave Canada before your PR is granted, you need a new visitor visa. If you are not travelling outside of Canada, you should be able to stay in Canada without renewing it. However, if your PR application is rejected, you need to leave Canada immediately.

I’m a Nigerian student schooling in Nigeria. I have a wife who is also a Nigerian but a Canadian citizen as well. She lives in Canada. She’s a student too and has sent an invitation letter to me for her graduation and for winter. Now these are my questions: (1) I have suspended my studies for one year with an official suspension letter from my school to this effect. Do I still need any other letter of approval from my school? (2) We’re planning to apply for inland sponsorship when I get there and after my wife’s graduation. Am I likely to be given the visitor visa, considering my studentship status (without employment) and the fact that we’ve not applied for sponsorship already? Is it true visitor Visa is hardly granted to a student? (3) My wife works part-time and her entire family is based in Canada too. She and her mum (a citizen too) are the ones to take care of my living and flight costs for the journey. They’ve sent their proofs to me for the visa application. Is this acceptable, considering that I can’t provide a proof of capability to take care of myself? (4) In one of the application forms, I saw a column for “previous names used” under “nicknames or aliases” Please what’s the importance of this section? I once compounded my surname by adding one more name to it and then more given names to my first name. Is this meant to be stated under this section, considering it’s not a case of nickname or alias? (5)Can the change of name hinder me from getting the Visa? I have all the required official documents covering the change of name but my old credentials still contain the old name. Is this acceptable? At what point would I need to disclose this, since there’s no appropriate section for it on the form, apart from that for nicknames and aliases?

Let us try to answer your questions:

  1. Your suspension letter from your school should be useful if it indicates the date you will resume your studies. If it does not indicate this, you will need something else.
  2. It is true visitor visas are rarely granted to students. You’ll need more proofs of ties to your home country than just a letter saying you’re in school (lease/deed etc).
  3. Yes, it is fine that they pledge to pay for your trip. It’s normal.
  4. You need to include all legal names used so they can check up on you.
  5. It’s unlikely your name change will hinder your chances if you can show you and the other name are the same person. Always err on the side of disclosing too much rather than too little.

I have got canadian study permit refused due to poor travel history. what are the chances to reapply ? I have got access to Information and it say poor travel history, officer doesn’t trust that I’m well established.

The only chance it will be accepted is if you convince the next officer reviewing your application that you will return to your home country. So you will have to provide evidence with your new application which you failed to include last time, which could include:

  • property in your home country
  • family ties in your home country
  • employment prospects in your home country.

I’m a Nigerian schooling in Nigeria, but I’m married to a Canadian citizen. My wife has sent an invitation letter to me for a visitor visa, so I can come to Canada, but I’m told I need an official letter from my school to process the visa. Please what type of letter should this be?

The invitation letter must be on school letter head, it must state that you are employed at this school and the terms of your employment (i.e. temporary, permanent, etc) and it must be signed by someone senior at the school, such as the principal.

I am a international student i want to marry with indian boy during my study and live together is it possible? Can he got a spouse visa if yes then after how long? Shall we get permanent residence together.

Once you are married he can apply for an open work permit to come and work here. If he is not already here, he will either need a visitor visa to come marry here or you will have to go to India to marry him. (In that case you will need to ensure you have a multiple entry visa, if required, in order to come back to Canada and you may need a visa to visit India if you are not Indian.)

Once you are eligible to apply for PR (after you have graduated and worked one year in Canada in a skilled occupation), he can accompany you as a spouse on the PR application.

I want to renew my passport My passport is expiring on Oct, 2017 but I want to renew now because I am applying for post graduation work permit. So I just want to confirm that I can renew it now and in an emergency can I get it in one day

This entirely depends upon your citizenship: each and every country in the world has different regulations and processing times for passport applications. But given that you are in Canada and you are applying for a passport from a foreign Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in Canada, you likely cannot get a passport in one day. We are not aware of a country that offers that option.

Am an international at centennial College will be graduating in April 2017, can i invite my husband for my graduation because he has been denied 3 three time for study permit with this reason family ties in Canada and in country of resident, purpose of visit,current employment situation, personal assets and financial status. my question is can i visit him for my graduation now or i should wait still when i get my 3 years work permit.

It doesn’t matter when he re-applies for a visitor visa (assuming you meant visitor visa) so much as whether or not he’s addressed the problems in the denials. There is no point in you inviting him if he’s done nothing to address the concerns IRCC has with his applications.

He needs a consultation with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

I have done 2 years study in Canada and I applied for my work permit that should be 3 years but my passport expires in 1 year. Because of that I will get only 1 year work permit. Am I eligible to get full three year work permit if I renew my passport ?

You should be.

I am working in Hong Hong and now applying for a Canadian work permit from here only. My mother lives in India, can I also apply dependant visa for her from Hong Kong on the same application. Do I need her passport at the time of application?

You cannot bring your mother with you as a dependent on a work permit, only a spouse. Once you are a permanent resident of Canada, you can sponsor your mother for permanent residence.


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