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Canadian Visa FAQ

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How to get a Temporary Resident Visa, Work Permit, Supper Visa or Study Permit for Canada

Most people who need visas can now apply online for visitor visas. To apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV aka visitor visa) on paper, you must

  • satisfy a visa officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay,
  • show that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family members in Canada and to return home,
  • not intend to work or study in Canada unless authorized to do so with a work permit or study permit,
  • be law abiding and have no record of criminal activity,
  • not be a risk to the security of Canada,
  • provide any additional document requested by the officer to establish your admissibility, and
  • be in good health (complete a medical examination if required).
Not all visitors need visas to come to Canada. If you are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), you do not need a visa.

I live in australia and i got pakistani passport and i’m going to marry with canadian national she lives in canada so how can i apply for canadian visa

You can apply for a visitor visa online here.

I am marrying a Russian lady and she wants to live here with her 17 year old son while we wait for the spousal support application. What type of visas would they need to come here?

They need visitor visas. However, if you have already submitted your sponsorship application and it is being processed “overseas,” they will have to leave when their visas expire (or their entry stamps expire) and will likely not be able to stay the entire time the application is in process.

I am a Filipino married to Canadian Citizen, Can I travel alone to Canada without my Canadian husband. Should I apply as a tourist visa or can he sponsors me a permanent visa even his in the Philippines? as he at the moment staying in the Philippines my place. He has no plan to come home to Canada.

You need a visitor visa to come to Canada. Your husband cannot sponsor you for Permanent Residence unless both of you can demonstrate to Canadian authorities you intend to live in Canada permanently.

i am a Canadian living in Nicaragua. my nica girlfriend and i want to return to Canada 3 months a year. i am ineligible to sponsor her. would it make the visitor visa easier if we were married?

It’s probably better for you not to be married. If you’re married, they will likely assume you are coming to stay.

What you should do is, when she applies for a visa, submit proof of your “ties” to Nicaragua: a deed or lease agreement, income statements and employment contracts, bank accounts, a business license if you have one, and so forth. That will make it easier.

on page 4 of the applicant it say other parent I only have 1 parent should I leave blank

Yes, leave that blank if you don’t know your other parent.

i have a question I’m in live-in:caregiver program i and just finished my 1 year. in my contract I’m allowed to take my vacation for 2 weeks. so I’m taking it on Oct but my problem is do i still need to get a re-entry? my work permit and multiple visa here in Canada is valid until 2017.

If you have a multiple entry visa, you will have to present it when you return to Canada. You should also present your work permit.

i live in Philippines and i have a boyfriend in Montreal Canada and he wanted me to go there what should i do ?

You can visit him by getting a visitor visa. You will have to provide his contact information as part of your visitor visa application. If he is helping you pay for your trip, you will also have to show this. You will need to show that you are returning to the Philippines in order to be granted the visa.

I married a a man in Kuwait who has an article 17 passport. His passport expired before he got his visa and he could not renew it. When he got his visa he still could not renew his passport. An email was sent to the embassy in UAE that he could not renew his passport. It been five months now and we still didn’t get anything from the embassy. Me and my son are in Canada while my husband is in Kuwait. What do I do?

Whatever country your husband is a citizen of, he needs to contact their embassy in Kuwait or in UAE or in another neighbouring country and ask for help.

Hi, I am Canadian n boyfriend applied for PR which is been denied. How can he stay here in Canada with me?

That depends on how he was applying for PR and why he was denied.

If he was applying for PR through an “economic” immigration class (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades), you can still sponsor him as your common law partner (if you are living together and have been for over a year), or if you marry him.

If you had applied to sponsor him and that was the application that was denied, you can appeal the denial.

will it be a problem for my girlfriend to visit me in Canada with her 4 yrs old son? She is a single parent, never married. Will it be a problem for the son to join her.?

Her marital status and the fact that she is a mother should have no bearing on the application. She needs to prove she will return home, though. That’s the crucial point.

i am an international student and did 2 years study in Canada. My passport expiry date is December 2016 but now i have to apply for work permit. they will issue work permit till i have a validity of my passport so can i renew my passport before i apply for a work permit in July 2015.

First, you will want to check with your embassy or consulate to see if you can renew your passport a year and a half in advance. Many countries will not allow you to do that.

If you can, we would recommend renewing your passport before you apply for the post-graduate work permit, provided your study permit will not expire in the meantime.

I have just got married to woman in Thailand . I live in Canada and she cannot come to Canada for two years. We have a spousal sponsorship application going. Can she visit me in canada for 3 months until the application is done

Yes, she can come visit you on a visitor visa. However, she will have to demonstrate in the application that she intends to return to Thailand when the visa expires.

My niece is travelling from the Philippines to New York then Toronto back to Philippines. She got a visitors visa to Canada from the Canadian embassy in the Philippines. Can she enter Canada from New York?

She can enter Canada from anywhere.

My girlfriend was denied a TRV (tourist visa) to come to Canada. WE submitted all required documents and in the letter of invitation I had stated that I was going to be financially backing her and one of the reasons why she was denied was because of “Financial Means”. I do no think they looked at my letter even as they the application was refused within 2 days of receiving it. What would be the best approach to get her to come to Canada?

She should resubmit the application with your invitation letter but this time provide a bank statement showing she has CAD$1000-2000 available, minimum. The applicant normally has to show they have at least some money in addition to you stating you will support her.

Which document should I provide for home ownership, is a property tax notice sufficient?

That is helpful, but the deed would also help. The deed would probably be a better choice if you only want to submit one form of proof.

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