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Canadian Death Certificate FAQ

When someone dies in Canada, the death must be registered with the vital statistics office in the province where the death occurred. A death certificate is then issued to the next of kin. If you need a death certificate or a replacement, you must consult the registrars in the relevant province:

In most cases, you need to complete an application and provide proof that you are eligible for the death certificate (tnext of kin). Not all provinces and territories allow online applications, however.

Why do I need to apply for my deceased husband’s death certificate?

Without his death certificate, you cannot legally remarry, arrange to dispose of his remains, file for benefits, or access his financial accounts.

What does a death certificate contain?

A Canadian death certificate contains the deceased person’s full name, gender, date of death, place of death, place of birth, marital status, residence, registration number, and date of registration.

Do Canadian death certificates list the cause of death?

No. If you need a certificate listing the cause of death you should apply for a Certified Copy of the Death Registration or Medical Certificate of Death from the province or the municipality, depending on the area.

Can anyone obtain a death certificate?

Who can apply for a death certificate varies from province to province. Usually the next of kin must apply for a recent death. You need to check with the Vital Statistics registrar in the province where the death occurred.

How do I obtain a Canadian death certificate?

You must apply to the province or territory where the death occurred.

Who issues death certificates in Canada?

Death certificates can only be issued by the provincial government. They are not issued or recorded federally, as they are in many other countries.

Is there any way to get a death certificate urgently?

If you need a death certificate earlier than the standard three months wait, you must apply for an Early Registration of Death. You can only apply for this process if you have a valid, urgent reason. You must submit proof of urgency.

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