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Canada Sponsorship FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their immediate family and “other eligible relatives” for permanent residence in Canada.
  • There are three types of partner sponsorship:
    • spousal sponsorship – for married couples
    • common-law sponsorship – for couples currently living together
    • conjugal sponsorship – for couples prevented from marrying or living together
  • There are two ways of sponsoring your partner:
    • Inland sponsorship – your partner is already physical in Canada
    • Outland sponsorship – your partner is not yet in Canada
  • Sponsoring a child is more straight-forward whereas sponsoring your parents can is more complicated.
For further information see Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC).

I have been married to my Canadian wife for eight months, and we have been together for 6 years. We are currently living together in Canada. I am on on IEC work permit and want to move to PR with her sponsoring me under the family class. We want to be able to leave the country for holidays while we the application is being processed, so not sure if we should apply inland or outland? Also not sure if we can keep the IEC work permit for the remaining 12 months or if I will lose it when I make a new application.

It’s inland because you’re in Canada. You can travel while the sponsorship application is pending and travelling with your spouse is actually good for your application. You will not lose your IEC work permit because you’ve submitted a sponsorship application.

I am a Pakistani Citizen and my future wife is a Canadian citizen, We want to get married in Pakistan, and later on, she wants to settle in Dubai as she wants to work in her father’s business who resides in Saudi and is in process of setting up his business in Dubai. She wants to settle down in Dubai later on, now there are two scenarios if I get married to her and settle in Dubai, will she be able to file spouse visa for me staying in Dubai for Canada? a number of countries require you to be in your home country of which you are a citizen of with having at least a job or an income to show that you can support your spouse there in Canada or the country your filing the application., is that the requirement for Canada as well? What are the legal requirements of Canada in this case if I marry her and how can I immigrate to Canada?

If she wants to sponsor you for Canadian permanent residence after you are married you need to be in Canada or intend to settle in Canada for that. But she especially needs to be in Canada. If she is in Canada, you can be in Dubai or Pakistan or anywhere else.

As a visitor from a carribbean island, I got a 1 year extension in canada can i get married to my candian citizen boyfriend who I live with for the year n six months and stay in canada or will they ask me to go back home and wait for paperworks to be completed.will I get another extension here until I get PR card.thanks

If you marry and submit your sponsorship application before your status expires you can stay in the country without renewing it. But if you still haven’t submitted the sponsorship application when your status expires, you need to leave and re-enter.

I was married and I got PR card but after couple month after I received it we got divorced and I’m wondering if I can keep my PR in Canada without being married on Canadian citizen?

Yes, conditional PR no longer exists. You are still a PR.

so i have a husband who is a foreign worker we have been together 7 years we have 3 canadian born children and i was born and raised in canada im caucasion my question why do they keep denying him PR if he lives in canada and has 3 kids with me . we have done 2 applications and were denied both times its very infair some without kids get excepted but not him why? im at my wits end i really dont want my husband to have to return to the philipppines

You need to speak to a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or an immigration lawyer to have that question answered. They will need to reivew your applications and the refusal.

My husband is from Morocco and we got married march 2017. He just got his visitors visa for one year and is planning to come in May. Can I sponsor him Outland from Morocco and he can come stay in Canada until his soonsorship is approved ?

You can sponsor him any time. If you sponsor him before he arrives it will be outland. Because he already has his visa he will be allowed to travel here during the process. He will be questioned at the Port of Entry as visitors are not supposed to enter Canada permanently.

I came to usa on business visa.I came to canada illegaly and apply refugee visa.Now I wanna marry to my fiance who is usa citizen. I am an Indian national.Can my fiance sponsor me for usa while my refugee case is pending in canada or I need to withdraw my refugee case from canada and need to go back to usa.

This is a Canadian website. We do not know the details of American laws.

In Canadian law, you must have legal status in order to be eligible to be sponsored. That might be true in the US too. The US may or may not have regulations about not being able to sponsor someone with a pending refugee claim in a different country.

I got married in India my husband sponsored me to come to Canada. How long do I have stay married in order to get my PR. I am having some misunderstanding in the marriage.

The moment you “land” in Canada (i.e. enter) you are a permanent resident. The 2 year conditional permanent residence requirement was revoked.


He does not need to be with you when you land.

I am Irish (56) and living in Ireland. I am engaged to a Canadian lady who lives in Toronto. I am taking a 10 month leave of absence from my job in Ireland to relocate to Toronto. What are my visa requirements: Can I just come on a tourist visa and not work or do I have the possibility of getting a working visa? I can provide documentation that I can remain self sufficient for my time in Canada and will also have health insurance cover. We are both hoping that after the year together that I will move pernamently to Toronto, what is the visa process that I need to follow? At this stage I will have retired and will be recieving a pension.

To answer your first question, you can just get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) and come here. You do not have to work.

However, once you want to come permanently, she will have to sponsor you for permanent residence. She can do that while you are in Ireland or while you are in Canada.

I’m a Canadian citizen who just completed a two year long work visa in the UK. Just before leaving to move back to Canada, I discovered I was pregnant with my Italian boyfriend’s child. We’ve been together for about 3 years, but have no documents proving this. Is it possible to get him here and working in 8 months?

You have a few options:

  1. If he can get an eTA and enter Canada with you, you can sponsor him “inland” once he is in the country.
  2. If he is not yet 35 he can apply for International Experience Canada and come here on a working holiday.
  3. Finally, if he cannot come here, you can move here yourself and sponsor him outland, but that will take 12 months from the date you submit the application.

I’m a Canadian living in Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve been here for six years. I intend to marry a Kenyan, in Kenya. We will return together in June 2017. What do we need to do? We will be living in the province of Alberta

You need to sponsor her for permanent residence. There are two ways you can do that:

  1. If she can get a visitor visa and enter Canada, you can sponsor her “inland”.
  2. Otherwise you have to come here by yourself and sponsor her “outland” and she can come once she is approved.

I am haitian and I applied for the express entry in order to get my permanent resident . I am already working in Canada but as A diplomat .if we get married , will that ause any problem with my request? the other question is if we get married , will he be able to sponsor me in order to have the permanent residency ? And at this time i will have to renounce to my diplomat status..

Marriage will not affect your Express Entry application.

Once you are married, you can be sponsored. But you cannot remain a diplomat for a foreign country and be a permanent resident at the same time.

Canadian man wants to bring wife from India to Canada. How long will it take?

It will take approximately one year from the date you submit the application.

I am a South African citizen , engaged to a Canadian citizen, we both currently live and work in the UK and have residency cards and tier 2 visa’s. We plan to get married at the end of this year, in Canada, and come back to UK as we are both currently in GP training together. Which visa would I need to apply for in order to go to Canada and get married please. Am I able to do so on a visitors visa?Does he have to sponsor me to go over to get married ?

You can come here on a visitor visa if you are planning on just marrying on while you’re on that visa.

You should wait until your married before you are sponsored for permanent residence.

You cans submit an “open” work permit application at the same time as you are submitting the sponsorship application.

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