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Canada Passport FAQ

Canadian citizens are eligible to apply for a Canadian passport. You do not have to be resident in Canada to apply for a new or to renew your Canadian passport. Canadian passports are issued by Passport Canada.

  • Choose the passport application you need: regular or simplified renewal
  • Complete the passport application
  • Gather your required documents and get your photos taken
  • Get your guarantor to endorse your application: If you are a Canadian citizen applying for your first Canadian passport, or your current Canadian passport has been expired for more than 1 year, then you will need to find a guarantor. A guarantor is someone other than yourself who confirms your identity for Passport Canada.
  • Submit your application by mail or in person.
What should I do if my appearance has changed?

You are not required by law to notify the Canadian passport authorities of a change in your appearance, however if it has changed substantially you are advised to apply for a new passport even if your current passport is still valid. This will ensure that border officials can easily recognize you when you present your passport at immigration. You will have to provide two new photos and pay the applicable fees and any time remaining on your current passport will not be added to your new passport.

Is there a local number for me in london ontario that i can contact?

The contact address to apply for a Canadian Passport in London, Ontario is:

What is a machine-readable passport?

At the bottom of the ID page on your passport there are two lines of numbers, letters and symbols that make your passport ‘machine-readable?. This means that your passport can be scanned at any point of entry or exit both in and outside of Canada. All passports issued in Canada are machine readable.

When should I renew my Canadian Passport?

You can renew your passport up to 12 months before it expires, however your new passport will not be credited with the outstanding time remaining on your existing passport. Adult applicants can renew their passports using the Simplified Renewal Application, which provides a faster way to renew a Canadian passport.

If I need a Canadian passport do I need a Guarantor?

On the Canadian Passport application form you are required to have ?Declaration of Guarantor?. This person is a person other than yourself who confirms your identity. This person is required to completed section 2 of the application, and will need to sign all 3 pages of the form. The guarantor will also need to sign the back of one of the passport photos and write “I certify this to be a true likeness of (your name)”Ā©ion=Canada

My current passport is valid but damaged, can I still use it?

If your passport is in any way damaged you must apply for a new passport to avoid delays at immigration particularly f parts of the passport is unreadable.

Do I have to notify Passport Canada if I change my address?

No. You do not have to notify the passport authorities if your address changes. All you have to do is cross out your old address on page 4 of your passport and write in your new address; if there is not enough space, you can write your new address on a piece of paper. Do not use correction fluid to change your address details.

Hello What the requirements to issue Canadian Passport for a new born outside Canada, please?

You need to first apply for the child’s proof of Canadian citizenship by submitting a citizenship application for your child. Please refer to the Citizenship FAQs for how to apply for it, or visit the following link Proof of citizenship: How to apply for the application form. Only after your child receives his/her proof of citizenship can you apply for his/her Canadian passport (follow the step-by-step application from the Passport Canada website)

My passport expires Dec. 2, 2011. I will be traveling to Mexico Sept 10 returning Sept. 18th 2011. Will my passport be valid?

Since March 1, 2010, Canadian citizens, including those with dual nationality, are required to present a valid passport in order to enter and exit Mexico. Canadians without a valid passport will be refused entry and returned to Canada.

Canadians with a criminal record might be refused entry and returned to Canada on the next available flight. Canadians in this situation should contact the Mexican Embassy in Ottawa prior to making travel arrangements.

Please note persons seeking to enter Mexico for purposes other than tourism are required to have a proper visa.

Can I still use my passport if I reported it lost and then found it?

No. If you reported a passport lost it will have been canceled and you will not be able to use the passport to gain access into Canada or any other country. If you find your passport you must contact Passport Canada and the police. If you are abroad and you find your lost passport you should notify the relevant Canadian Embassy or Consulate and the local police.

How do I renew my Canadian Passport?

The Canada passport renewal process has been simplified so that adult applicants who already hold a Canadian passport can fill out the Simplified Renewal Application. Applicants renewing their passport need only submit the required fee, their old passport and two recent passport photos, which must include on the back of one photo, the photographers name and address and the date the photos were taken. Child applicants cannot use the Simplified Renewal Application to renew their passports.

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