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Replacement Citizenship Card FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

On becoming a Canadian citizen you will receive a citizenship certificate, which is a letter-sized piece of paper which proves you are now a Canadian citizen. You need to keep your citizenship card safe because you will need it to apply for a Canadian Passport, SIN card, Get a job and vote in federal elections.

To get your Citizenship Certificate:

  • Complete the application form
  • Have citizenship photos taken
  • Gather the supporting documentation: Photo IDs
  • Submit the entire application by mail to IRCC
If you feel you want to read more about replacing a Canadian Citizenship Card, check out the Canadian Government website, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

How do I replace my lost citizenship card?

You must complete an application and submit the applicable documentation. You can find a complete guide to completing your replacement citizenship card application here.

I lost my citizenship card what should I do

You need to replace your lost citizenship card with a new Canadian citizenship certificate.

Start now.

i was born in Belgium, my parents immigrated to Canada when i was 6 months old: i was born in 1951. i had immigration papers, i think a citizenship card ex. As of this moment i have no identification, i am ill and require a OHIP card but require ID. I don’t know what to do or where to start. Everything requires ID which i don’t have, except expired Ontario Drivers License and expired Health Card (number only) what paper work to i require to prove i am a Canadian citizen? where do i start?

First, apply for an Ontario Photo ID Card if you can no longer get a driver’s license.

Then, you will need to apply for your citizenship certificate.

Once you have your ID and your status document you can apply for your Health Card.

My parents applied for a citizenship card for me only using my Chinese name. I now go by my English name. Can I apply to get a new citizenship card/certificate with my English name added to my Chinese name?

You can add your English name to your citizenship certificate if it is a legal name that is on other forms of identification that you will submit as part of your application.

You will be issued a certificate, as the card has been retired.

where I can get help with filling my application for citizenship cards replacements?

You can get paid assistance by going to this site or by downloading and submitting this form.

I was born in Canada but had to give up my citizenship to live in the US. How do I get my Canadian citizenship back?

Unless you moved to the United States a very, very long time ago, you did not actually have to give up your citizenship to live in the US. The United States doesn’t acknowledge other citizenships but does not currently force people to give up their citizenship. Canada forced people in some circumstances to give up their citizenship until 1977, however.

You likely just need to apply for a Canadian Passport.

However, if you actually did renounce your citizenship by signing something and submitting it to the government of Canada, you will have to claim your citizenship as a lost Canadian. Immigroup can help you with that. Call us at 1-866-760-2623.

How much is it to replace citizenship certificate

It costs $75 to apply for a new citizenship certificate.

I have moved almost a dozen times in my life and have lost all citizenship documents and my step father filled out my original application and my biological mother is not around any more. I have canadian citizenship. How can I apply for it if I don’t know all info on application for replacement?

If you were born in Canada, you just need to get your Canadian birth certificate, which should be easy enough even with IDs from another country.

If not, and you cannot get enough documentation to apply for a replacement citizenship certificate, you will first need to do a Search of Citizenship Records, so that you can provide proof for your citizenship certificate application.

I have joint custody of my daughter a Canadian citizen with a Canadian citizenship card. At present she resides with her mother in Ontario but from the end of December 2016 she will reside with me. My ex-wife is refusing to give me any identity documents for her including her citizenship card. How do I obtain a duplicate Citizenship card for her or go about obtaining the document from my ex-wife?

You cannot obtain a duplicate citizenship certificate for your daughter. Depending upon the age of your daughter, maybe your daughter should hold on to her own IDs. If she is not old enough, you should ask your ex-wife why she is unwilling to give you the documents. If your daughter is younger than 16, you cannot apply for a Canadian Passport for your daughter on your own – your ex-wife needs to sign the application form as well. If your daughter already has a Canadian Passport, you cannot travel outside of Canada with your daughter without your ex-wife’s permission. Either way, you should tell your ex-wife this. There’s no risk of you taking your daughter out of the country.

I have my original wallet-sized citizenship card. It has start d to come apart. The plastic on it is peeling at corners. Can I still use this for proof of citizenship. It is all eligible still thank you.

As long as it is legible you can still use it until you are told you should not use it any more (by a government of Canada employee). If you want to replace it with the new letter-sized certificate, you can do so.

father in law Canadian citizenship card and form lost. Canadian Passport expired. Father in law is a paraplegic/invalid. I valid passport and the citizenship card and form to apply for a Trinidad and Tobago passport to deal with his will and properties. How do I go about getting these documents. What do I need?

In order to replace his citizenship card, you’ll have to complete the form and provide supporting documentation.

A citizenship certificate will be issued, it has replaced the old photo card.

Once you have the certificate, you will have to apply for the passport with the certificate. When you drop off the application you’ll have to prove that you are his in-law (or otherwise get your spouse to drop off the application).

I am a 4 year old on my citizenship card. Do I need to update my picture? Already have a valid passport.

Your citizenship card does not expire so you do not have to replace it unless you lose it, it is stolen or it is damaged to the point of being illegible.

However, you can replace it with a new citizenship certificate if you so choose. Just know that the new certificate is a letter sized piece of paper that is not meant for carrying in your wallet.

How much money to replace citizenship card

It costs CAD$75 for a new citizenship certificate, which replaced the citizenship card.

If you would like assistance with your application, it costs more.

I lost all my document canadian citizenship card, sin card, citizenship certificate, passport, where to start HELP

First, you should cancel your bank cards and your credit cards. If you think the wallet was stolen, you should contact the police to prevent identity theft.

Second, you should replace your driver’s license.

Once you have a new driver’s license, you can apply for the other lost documents, such as your citizenship certificate.

Learn more.

My spouse and I are Canadian citizens, however were working aboard (in the US) when our second child was born. Now that we have moved back to Canada we are looking to make our 14 month old a canadian citizen and were wondering were we need to get a record of landing for our child when we re-entered Canada in order to apply?

If one or both of you were Canadian citizens at the birth of your child – as I suspect you were – your child is already a Canadian citizen. What you need is proof that your child is Canadian. Because you do not have a record of birth abroad, you will need to apply for your child’s first citizenship certificate. Once your child has a citizenship certificate you can apply for his or her Canadian passport.


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