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British Passport FAQ

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UK Passport Applications and Registration as a British Citizen: get your passport from Canada

  • Determine if you have to Register as a British Citizen:
    • You don’t have to register if
      • You have a UK passport already
      • You were born in the UK
      • Your father was born in the UK and your parents married or you were born from 2006 on
      • Your mother was born in the UK and you were born since 1982
    • Otherwise you must Register as a British Citizen
  • Complete your passport application online
  • Sign the unique declaration and submit it
  • Submit any additional documents if required
  • Receive your passport in the mail
My mother and father were born in the United Kingdom. My mother was born in England and my Father in Scotland. I do not have contact with my father. I am a Canadian citizen and aged 30 living in Canada. Can I still apply for a British Passport and if so do I need my father’s information?

You can apply for a British passport right now. You’ll need your long-form birth certificate, your parents’ marriage certificate (if possible) and your mother’s birth certificate and, if possible, her valid passport. You can submit copies of all of these things.

How much does it cost to renewal my British passport

34 pages: £105.86

50 pages: £115.86

I have an expired British Passport. I am a Canadian Permanent Resident. I am travelling to the UK. Which type of passport do I need?

You need to renew your UK passport as you normally would.

I was born in the UK in 1969 to British parents and hold a British passport and citizenship. I moved to Canada in 1980 and continue to have a British passport. I would like to get may daughter born in 1999 a British passport but do not have a marriage license to her mother. Is there some other form of proof of parentage that I can provide as I was asked for a marriage license and cannot produce one as we were living in a common law partnership.

Unless you have some kind of legal agreement establishing that you and your wife were common law at the time of your daughter’s birth, you may need to Register your daughter as a British Citizen first. The UK Passport Office is supposed to accept her as your daughter for passport purposes if you and your wife have behaved as if she was legitimate, however that is at their discretion.

I was born in the uk and have my birth certificate my parents emigrated to Canada when I was three. The did not get naturalised Canadians. they have now both passed away. can I get a British passport

Yes, you will need your UK birth certificate to prove your citizenship. Additionally, if you were born since January 1, 1983, you will have to prove that at least one of your parents was a British citizen at the time of your birth, or was “settled.”

My father was born in England and moved to Canada in 1949. He holds a Canadian Passport only. Is he still considered a British Citizen even though he holds a Canadian Passport and has not had a British Passport since 1949? I was born in Canada and am a Canadian Citizen can I obtain British Citizenship (I was born in 1967) and can my son (also born in Canada, in 2001) also obtain British Citizenship due to my father’s birth in England in 1932? My dad has his birth certificate which can prove his place of birth.

Your father is still British unless he voluntarily renounced his British citizenship.

You are also a British citizen because your father is a British citizen. In order to get your British passport you will have to submit the following documentation along with the application:

  • your long-form birth certificate showing he is your father
  • your father’s English birth certificate
  • your parents’ marriage certificate.
It would also be useful if your father renewed his passport, because then you could submit a copy of that as well, which would likely speed up your application.

Unfortunately your son is not a British citizen as UK citizenship can be transmitted only one generation to those born abroad.

My passport and permanent residency are both expired, I travelled to the high commission to get an emergency passport and I believe they kept my old expired passport, cannot remember 100% if they did as it was a few years ago, do I have to report it as lost before I can renew? Need to renew passport before I can renew PR.

No, you do not have to report your passport as lost, but you may want to include an explanation as to what happened with your application if you are given the opportunity.

I am a Canadian Citizen and adopted. My adopted Grandmother was born in Scotland. Am I entitled to Citizenship in Scotland?

No, you are not entitled to Scottish citizenship. Scottish citizenship can only be passed down one generation outside of the UK.

I’m trying to obtain a Canadian Passport for my 16 year old daughter. She just turned 16 and does not have any photo ID other than a high school student card that does not have her signature. I’m at a cross roads because she doesn’t have a health card with her photo either and the passport she has is expired and she was 10 at the time it was issued, so no signature. What can I do to get her photo ID as she cannot even get her G1 without photo ID.

You should get your daughter to apply for a Provincial Photo ID Card. Once she has that, she can apply for other photo IDs.

I am renewing a red cover adult passport which expired in 2013. I have read over any information I can find but I feel I am not sending enough documents or info. This is what I have for the renewal new pictures, old passport and completed application form. I always remember sending in so much more documents! I also read that I don’t need a countersign for my pictures. I need the passport for travel I am hoping to be able to go on so I just need a little reassurance I am doing this the right way

The information you are provided the passport office should be enough. If not, they will contact you.

my parents are British and are now living in Canada as Canadian citizens. I was born in Canada in 1991. Can I apply for a British passport

Yes you can apply for your UK passport. You’ll need their birth certificates, their marriage certificate and your birth certificate to support your application.

I am a Canadian/British citizen. I have a valid Canadian passport, but my British passport expired a couple of years ago. Do I need a new British passport to visit family and friends in the UK?

No, you can travel to the UK with your Canadian passport and you should be allowed to enter without difficulty. (Do bring along proof of your return trip.)

However, if you would like to enter the UK without any difficulty, renew your UK passport.

My father was born in England ( he is now deceased) my mother is from Vietnam and I was born in Vietnam. My mother and I now live in England and have done since 2007. My mother is now a British citizen . I am going to be sixteen this year and need to renew my passport and would like to be able to hold a duel passport. When I apply for this do I need my Fathers Original Death Certificate or can I use a copy.

Normally copies are acceptable (provided the copy is in English) but they do sometimes ask for originals to confirm the authenticity.

if i renew my british passport whilst being a canadian citizen do i lose my canadian citizenship because on the application form it says i understand that by voluntarily applying for a british passport it may result in losing citizenship of another country

No, you will not lose your citizenship of either country; both countries recognize dual citizenship.

My father was born in the district of the British Consulate Kobe Japan. Is he British by birth or by descent?

That’s a tough question. This depends upon a few things:

  • what year your father was born
  • what the citizenship laws of Japan were at the time of his birth and,
  • depending upon the citizenship law of Japan at the time, whether or not Britain would have recognized the birth.
Japan’s citizenship is based on descent, rather than location, so it’s likely that your father is British.

Please contact Bonnie at Immigroup at 1-866-760-2623 with more information.


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