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British Passport FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

UK Passport Applications and Registration as a British Citizen: get your passport from Canada

  • Determine if you have to Register as a British Citizen:
    • You don’t have to register if
      • You have a UK passport already
      • You were born in the UK
      • Your father was born in the UK and your parents married or you were born from 2006 on
      • Your mother was born in the UK and you were born since 1982
    • Otherwise you must Register as a British Citizen
  • Complete your passport application online
  • Sign the unique declaration and submit it
  • Submit any additional documents if required
  • Receive your passport in the mail
My father was born in Northern Ireland, and emigrated to Canada in 1948 when he was 22. He became a Canadian citizen in 1974. Can he return to Northern Ireland now to reside with his Canadian passport or does he require a British passport? What do you recommend for him also to obtain seniors benefits in the UK? Would it be better for him to have his UK passport?

He needs to apply for his UK passport before travelling to Northern Ireland.

This is a Canadian website. We don’t know anything about pensions in the UK. Please see the government website.

Do I have to have a Canadaian passport I am British and Canadian resident in U.K. For last 22 years and travel to Canada on ,my British passport Do I now hav to have a Canadian one as well?

If you are a Canadian citizen you now need a Canadian passport to travel to Canada.

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you can travel to Canada with your British passport and an ETA.

Brother was born in Canada Mother was born in England. Brother has a current Canadian passport. since he attained this passport he became a British citizen… He lives in England and is a citizen can he still travel on his Canadian passport or does he have to attain a British one and forfeit his Canadian one?

Both countries allow dual citizenship. He can keep both passports. He doesn’t have to do anything.

My Canadian passport expires September 17, 2017, must I renew my passport if I’m going to the US in April, 2017?

Canadians are usually allowed to enter the US as long as their passports expire after their planned dates of departure.

I hold both British and Canadian passports, was born in the UK, can my wife obtain a British passport? she was born in Canada

You will need to get a family visa first, then she will have to live with you for a while before she can be a citizen.

My father was born in Newfoundland before it was part of Canada, in 1943. Does that mean that he is also a British citizen and therefore I would also have that eligibility?

No, when Newfoundland became part of Canada, all Newfondlanders in Newfoundland and Labrador went from being British subjects to Canadian citizens, unless they were not physically present at the moment Newfoundland joined canada.

my aunt in Canada has lost both her Canadian and British passports and has health problems that mean she urgently needs to come to family in the UK for a time – we will need emergency travel documents I think ?

Yes, she needs to apply for an emergency travel document from the High Commission in Ottawa.

I was born on a British Overseas Territory which makes me a British Citizen. However I only have a Canadian Passport. Could I come to the UK to live and work without a visa

Yes. You need to get your UK passport before travelling to the UK.

My grandmother married a Canadian soldier during WW2 and moved to Canada. She as far as I know never renounced her British citizenship. My father was born in Canada and so was I in 1976. Am I able to apply for a british passport?

No, unfortunately British citizenship only passes down one generation abroad.

My father was born in England in the 1950’s, and moved to Canada in the 1980’s – he still has his passport (expired) and never renounced his citizenship. I am a Canadian citizen by birth (born in the 1990’s), and am wanting to apply for dual-citizenship – my question is, am I qualified as a British citizen where I am able to apply for a passport or do I need to apply to be a citizen, and then get a passport?

As long as your parents were married at your birth, you can apply for your UK passport right now, you do not need to Register as a British Citizen first. (If your parents were not married you have to register.)

I was born in the UK in 1948. My old pass port expired in 1979. To get a new one do I apply for a new one or a renewal. Do I use C1 or OS application. Where to I mail it to in the UK and how much do I make a money order out for. 

It’s a renewal that’s treated as if it’s a first time application. You need to apply online; paper applications are no longer accepted.

I have been in Canada since 1965 and still use my UK passport. I wish to renew it again. It gets a little more complicated every time I do. What do I need to renew it this time? Also how much this time?

You must renew it online at the UK Passport website.

If you wish to renew it without using the online form, you can hire Immigroup to help you.

my grandma came to Canada from Britain before my dad was born. She became a Canadian citizen but gave up her British passport. Can I get a British passport?

No, your father is eligible but British citizenship does not transfer through more than one generation.

I am a Canadian and a British citizen. I have gone by my middle name since birth. My Canadian passport is issued as A John Doe, where A is the initial of my first name. I have recently attempted to renew my British passport for the first time, however HMPO is refusing to issue the passport as Arthur John Doe (my correct legal name) since I have a passport from a second country issued in a “different name” (in this case simply an initial. They will also not issue it as A John Doe as they do not deal with initials. They are insisting that I either prove a legal change of name to A John Doe or have my Canadian passport re-issued as Arthur John Doe (a route I’d prefer not to take if possible as all of my other ID/credit cards etc. read John Doe and I have always had airline tickets issued with John Doe as opposed to Arthur Doe.) Is there any alternative to these two options and, if not, can I readily enough have my Canadian passport re-issued as A John Doe once the UK passport has been renewed?

The simplest solution would likely be to change your name on your Canadian passport if you want to change your name on your UK passport. If Her Majesty’s Passport Office will not issue your passport with an initial, there doesn’t seem to be much else you can do.

I am a dual citizen and have a UK passport, as well as a Canadian one; and in a few years I’m pl1anning on marrying my long time partner who is only a UK citizen, in the UK. Does this mean I still have to go through marriage visas even though on the back page of my UK passport it says I have the right to abode? I live in Canada right now if that information is of any use. I’ve been looking everywhere for answers and I just can’t seem to find any.

As a British citizen, you can enter and live in Britain right now. You do not need to marry your partner to have the right of abode (i.e. the right to live and work in the UK).


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