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Replacement Citizenship Card FAQ

Support help line: 1-866-760-2623

On becoming a Canadian citizen you will receive a citizenship certificate, which is a small card that proves you are now a Canadian citizen. You need to keep your citizenship card safe because you will need it to apply for a Canadian Passport, SIN card, Get a job and vote in federal elections.

If you feel you want to read more about replacing a Canadian Citizenship Card, check out the Canadian Government website, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

I lost my citizenship card what should I do

You need to replace your lost citizenship card with a new Canadian citizenship certificate.

Start now.

i was born in Belgium, my parents immigrated to Canada when i was 6 months old: i was born in 1951. i had immigration papers, i think a citizenship card ex. As of this moment i have no identification, i am ill and require a OHIP card but require ID. I don’t know what to do or where to start. Everything requires ID which i don’t have, except expired Ontario Drivers License and expired Health Card (number only) what paper work to i require to prove i am a Canadian citizen? where do i start?

First, apply for an Ontario Photo ID Card if you can no longer get a driver’s license.

Then, you will need to apply for your citizenship certificate.

Once you have your ID and your status document you can apply for your Health Card.

My parents applied for a citizenship card for me only using my Chinese name. I now go by my English name. Can I apply to get a new citizenship card/certificate with my English name added to my Chinese name?

You can add your English name to your citizenship certificate if it is a legal name that is on other forms of identification that you will submit as part of your application.

You will be issued a certificate, as the card has been retired.

where I can get help with filling my application for citizenship cards replacements?

You can get paid assistance by going to this site or by downloading and submitting this form.

I was born in Canada but had to give up my citizenship to live in the US. How do I get my Canadian citizenship back?

Unless you moved to the United States a very, very long time ago, you did not actually have to give up your citizenship to live in the US. The United States doesn’t acknowledge other citizenships but does not currently force people to give up their citizenship. Canada forced people in some circumstances to give up their citizenship until 1977, however.

You likely just need to apply for a Canadian Passport.

However, if you actually did renounce your citizenship by signing something and submitting it to the government of Canada, you will have to claim your citizenship as a lost Canadian. Immigroup can help you with that. Call us at 1-866-760-2623.

How much is it to replace citizenship certificate

It costs $75 to apply for a new citizenship certificate.

I have moved almost a dozen times in my life and have lost all citizenship documents and my step father filled out my original application and my biological mother is not around any more. I have canadian citizenship. How can I apply for it if I don’t know all info on application for replacement?

If you were born in Canada, you just need to get your Canadian birth certificate, which should be easy enough even with IDs from another country.

If not, and you cannot get enough documentation to apply for a replacement citizenship certificate, you will first need to do a Search of Citizenship Records, so that you can provide proof for your citizenship certificate application.

I have joint custody of my daughter a Canadian citizen with a Canadian citizenship card. At present she resides with her mother in Ontario but from the end of December 2016 she will reside with me. My ex-wife is refusing to give me any identity documents for her including her citizenship card. How do I obtain a duplicate Citizenship card for her or go about obtaining the document from my ex-wife?

You cannot obtain a duplicate citizenship certificate for your daughter. Depending upon the age of your daughter, maybe your daughter should hold on to her own IDs. If she is not old enough, you should ask your ex-wife why she is unwilling to give you the documents. If your daughter is younger than 16, you cannot apply for a Canadian Passport for your daughter on your own – your ex-wife needs to sign the application form as well. If your daughter already has a Canadian Passport, you cannot travel outside of Canada with your daughter without your ex-wife’s permission. Either way, you should tell your ex-wife this. There’s no risk of you taking your daughter out of the country.

I have my original wallet-sized citizenship card. It has start d to come apart. The plastic on it is peeling at corners. Can I still use this for proof of citizenship. It is all eligible still thank you.

As long as it is legible you can still use it until you are told you should not use it any more (by a government of Canada employee). If you want to replace it with the new letter-sized certificate, you can do so.

father in law Canadian citizenship card and form lost. Canadian Passport expired. Father in law is a paraplegic/invalid. I valid passport and the citizenship card and form to apply for a Trinidad and Tobago passport to deal with his will and properties. How do I go about getting these documents. What do I need?

In order to replace his citizenship card, you’ll have to complete the form and provide supporting documentation.

A citizenship certificate will be issued, it has replaced the old photo card.

Once you have the certificate, you will have to apply for the passport with the certificate. When you drop off the application you’ll have to prove that you are his in-law (or otherwise get your spouse to drop off the application).

I am a 4 year old on my citizenship card. Do I need to update my picture? Already have a valid passport.

Your citizenship card does not expire so you do not have to replace it unless you lose it, it is stolen or it is damaged to the point of being illegible.

However, you can replace it with a new citizenship certificate if you so choose. Just know that the new certificate is a letter sized piece of paper that is not meant for carrying in your wallet.

How much money to replace citizenship card

It costs CAD$75 for a new citizenship certificate, which replaced the citizenship card.

If you would like assistance with your application, it costs more.

I lost all my document canadian citizenship card, sin card, citizenship certificate, passport, where to start HELP

First, you should cancel your bank cards and your credit cards. If you think the wallet was stolen, you should contact the police to prevent identity theft.

Second, you should replace your driver’s license.

Once you have a new driver’s license, you can apply for the other lost documents, such as your citizenship certificate.

Learn more.

My spouse and I are Canadian citizens, however were working aboard (in the US) when our second child was born. Now that we have moved back to Canada we are looking to make our 14 month old a canadian citizen and were wondering were we need to get a record of landing for our child when we re-entered Canada in order to apply?

If one or both of you were Canadian citizens at the birth of your child – as I suspect you were – your child is already a Canadian citizen. What you need is proof that your child is Canadian. Because you do not have a record of birth abroad, you will need to apply for your child’s first citizenship certificate. Once your child has a citizenship certificate you can apply for his or her Canadian passport.

I was born in Canada in 1961 but left for the UK with English father and Irish mother – my half sister has always resided in Canada – may I apply for dual citizenship as my family would like to move to Canada?

You are already a Canadian citizen. You do not have to apply for citizenship, but merely proof of citizenship. Once you have proof of citizenship, you can get a Canadian Passport and travel to Canada.

Your children are also Canadian citizens. They can apply for the same documents, though you should get yours first, so you can prove their citizenship by descent.

Your spouse is not a Canadian citizen, unless they were born in Canada, or have a Canadian parent. They would have to be sponsored for permanent residence in order to live in Canada.

I am a born Canadian citizen and registered nurse. I have been living in the United States and also have u.s citizenship. I do not have residency in Canada but have parents in British Columbia. What is the processing needed to marry my gf of ten years in Canada?

If you were born in Canada then you are a Canadian citizen. You just need to get a citizenship certificate and then a Canadian passport (in that order) and then you can travel to Canada to marry your girlfriend.

I was born in Canada in 1974 and my parents are Scottish they moved to Canada to work in the early 1970s. After the birth in Canada we moved back to the UK but my parents never got my citizenship can I do this now and how will it effect me. I have a British passport already.

You need to apply for your first citizenship certificate. You can learn more about how to do that here.

What if I don’t have any primary id to get my citizenship card replaced. I no longer have a driver’s licence or valid passport. But I have a bank account, insurance policy and lots of friends who can vouch that they have known me for 50 years.

You need to get a primary ID, either a provincial photo ID card or a health card with a photo. IRCC will not accept an insurance policy as proof of your identity.

I am going to apply the SIN. Document on hand is the Canadian Citizenship Card. But the card photo is my new born, any problem with the photo not update. I am now 23 years old, should I get new one first. My employer needs my SIN very soon.

Your Citizenship Card is valid forever, provided it is not damaged. You do not need to replace it to get your SIN.

I lost my proof of citizenship and damaged my passport. I have to travel in one month. What can I do?

Provided your passport is too damaged to use,

  1. First, you need to purchase your plane ticket, if you haven’t already.
  2. Second, submit your replacement citizenship certificate application with proof of urgency (in this case, the plane ticket).
  3. Once your have your citizenship certificate, apply for a new passport. If you live in near enough to a Passport Canada office, you can go in person and pay for urgent service. The most urgent service will have the passport ready for you next business day at the latest.

I was born in Canada but married and settled in Scotland and am now a UK national, can my daughters who have a Scottish father apply for Canadian citizenship and Canadian passports

Your children are Canadian and can apply for Canadian passports.


I am visiting Toronto from Greece…I am a Canadian citizen and have already a citizenship card, but it is on my ex husband’s name…I need to replace this card with a new one. What do I do???

You need to prove that you and the woman with your husband’s name are one in the same by completing a citizenship certificate application and providing proof of your identity and your name change.

I was born in Canada and have lived in the UK for over 30 years. My children were born in the UK. I registered their births and obtained dual nationality for them when they were babies. One of my children would now like to live and work in Canada. Would he be entitled to do so and if so, what are the requirements? All of my family live there.

If your son doesn’t yet have a citizenship certificate, he should apply for one. He will need to certificate both for the passport application and to prove his citizenship to any prospective Canadian employers.

If he does have a citizenship certificate, he needs to apply for his Canadian passport at the Canadian High Commission in London. Once he has his passport, he can move to Canada whenever he wishes and can work as soon as he can find a job.

I am a dual UK/Canadian citizen born in the UK. Are my children Canadian?

If you got your citizenship through naturalization in Canada, and your children were born after your citizenship ceremony, your children are Canadian citizens.

However, if you received your citizenship by descent through one or both of your parents, whether or not your children Canadian depends upon when they were born:

  • If one or both of your children were born before April 17, 2009, then they are Canadian citizens. You will just have to apply for the citizenship certificate(s).
  • However, if either or both of your children were born on or after April 17, 2009, they are not Canadian citizens because you were not born in Canada or naturalized in Canada.

My birth certificate shows that my father was born in Canada. Is that enough proof that I am a canadian citizen? I was born in 1948

No, it’s not. You will need to apply for proof of citizenship. The birth certificate can be used as part of the application, but will not be sufficient. You may need to apply for additional proof of your father’s citizenship to get your own citizenship certificate, for example.

I have lost my citizenship card but still have the citizenship certificate, would that be the same ID or do I have to apply to replace my card

You should not have had both a citizenship card and a citizenship certificate, that is illegal. There are two possibilities:

  1. The ‘citizenship certificate’ is actually the commemoration you received. The commemoration is purely ceremonial and will not be accepted as proof of citizenship in Canada. You need to replace your card.
  2. You applied for a citizenship certificate without first losing/destroying/returning your citizenship card. In that case, your certificate is valid and don’t need to do anything now. IRCC recommends reporting your lost card to the police to prevent identity theft. If you report your card lost to IRCC or you lose your citizenship certificate and apply for a new certificate you will have to explain why you held two proofs of citizenship at the same time.


I am a Canadian British dual citizen with a British passport. I do not have a Canadian Citizenship card but I do have a photocopy of my old Registration of Birth Abroad. If I travel to the US with my British passport will they accept that as proof of my Canadian citizenship when I return to Canada?

No, it is unlikely they will accept a photocopy of a registration of a birth abroad as proof of citizenship at the border. They may still may let you in with your British passport and just tell you to get a citizenship certificate. But you should get the certificate now, instead. You can apply for urgent processing if you have already purchased your tickets.

I am a naturalized citizen of Canada. Nether of my parents are Canadian citizens. I am applying to replace my lost citizenship certificate using form CIT 0001. The form seems to assume that one or more of your parents are Canadian citizens. I am not sure if I should just put N/A in that section or not (section 8).

Put N/A or otherwise indicate that your parents were never Canadian citizens.

i lost my citizenship what do i do?

You need to replace your citizenship certificate. To do so, complete the forms, submit them to IRCC with the supporting documentation and your new photos.

i want citizenship card instead of citizenship certificate

The citizenship card is no longer issued. There is no way to get a new citizenship card. If you are looking for a portable proof of citizenship, you should get a passport.

my citizen certificate is old and the numbers are hard to read, what to do

If your citizenship card or certificate is illegible then you need to replace it. You can do so by completing the application form and submitting the appropriate supporting documentation.

If you would like help, complete this form.

My son will be applying for a replacement Citizenship Certificate shortly. He has his photo taken in Sep 2015, can he use the same photo with his application that he plans to mail this month i.e. April 2016.

The IRCC’s photo specifications do not list an expiry for photos. However, if your son’s appearance has at all changed – or if he is under the age of 18 – he should get more recent photos.

My father was Canadian, he died 20 years ago in the UK. We have his death certificate but my Grandma couldn’t find his birth certificate. I want to apply for the Canadian citizenship. Is it possible with the d.c.?

You will need documentation other than a death certificate. You will need:

  • your father’s birth certificate (which you can apply for here)
  • your long-form birth certificate (which includes your father’s name)
  • two government-issued IDs, one of which must contain a photo
  • two “citizenship” photos.

You will have to apply for a citizenship certificate from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

If you would like assistance, complete this form.

my father was born in canada now in italy…i had applied for canadian citizen certificate i have lost and i want to apply for canadian passport so what do i have to do to replace my certificate

You will need to submit a completed application along with two government-issued photo IDs and 2 citizenship certificate photos. Once, you have the certificate, you can apply for your passport.

I have misplaced my citizenship card. how can i get a replacement. i live in USA.

The citizenship card has been replaced by a letter-sized citizenship certificate. Get a citizenship certificate.

In order to get your new certificate, you will have to mail to IRCC

  • a completed application form for a replacement certificate
  • copies of two valid government-issued IDs, including one with a photo (yes, you can use your US driver’s license)
  • two citizenship certificate photos
  • a copy of your marriage certificate or name change, if applicable.

Lost my proof of citizenship, I have applied for a replacement but scared it might take longer then my planned trip in July to receive. I have my old passport which expired 1 year and 4 months ago and proof of ID. What can I do if I don’t receive my replacement citizenship in time?

You need to follow up with your application and submit proof of urgency – such as your plane tickets and your itinerary – to IRCC and request that your application be processed urgently.

My Canadian citizen id disintegrated, how can I replace it.

You need to apply for a replacement citizenship certificate from IRCC (formerly CIC). You can do so here. If you are interested in assistance, you can get some help here.

I have my citizenship card but I need to know the exact date I assumed citizenship. The card only says the month and year.

If you need to know the exact date you became a Canadian citizen, you have a couple of options:

If you can demonstrate to IRCC (formerly CIC) that you need this information by a certain date, you may be able to get your application expedited.

Originally I am from another country I lost my Canadian citizen document what do I need to replace it

To replace your citizenship card, you need the following:

  • copies of two valid government IDs, at least one of which must have your photo on it
  • 2 citizenship certificate photos
  • the completed application form
  • copy of your record of landing (if you have it).


Im currently residing to Dubai right now, i need to renew the passport of my daughter as well as i need to request for replacement of the citizenship card as we cannot see it anymore in our files in short it was lost.. some other is saying i need to show them a travel ticket. some are saying not needed. do we need to make a letter from our own? or we only need to fill the declaration form?

In order to get a citizenship certificate urgently, you will need to provide proof of travel, such as the purchased ticket. Then you can apply for your daughter’s passport.

I don’t know what to do. My passport expired about 5 yrs ago & now I need proof of citizenship to apply for a new passport. The problem is I lost my citizenship card. They do not issue them anymore, but certificates instead. I have the required pieces of ID (Ontario Photo Card & Health Card) to get a new one but I am not sure if they need anything else from me besides that?

You will also need to provide citizenship photos (which will be stored electronically). You can learn about the details of how to apply here.

I have a wedding to go to in 3 months from now… And misplaced my citizenship documents.. Can I claim urgency for it on the basis of being a best man at my best friends wedding? Also I’m literally the only person with my name in Canada does that have an affect on processing time? If I can’t get my Canadian passport in time can I apply for a Polish (where I was born) passport to fly there with?

Yes, needing to attend a wedding as the best man probably qualifies as a legitimate reason for urgency. You will need some kind of proof as to your involvement in the wedding and you should purchase your ticket before submitting the application and submit a copy of that ticket with your application.

Your name’s perceived uniqueness will have no bearing on the application’s processing time.

You can use your Polish passport to fly wherever you are flying, but you might need a visa, depending on the country.

I am a Canadian citizen living in Germany at present. I have a son, who lives with his mother. She is German and lives in Germany also. We were married but are now divorced. Our son was born in Scotland and moved to Germany at the age of 1 year old, where his mother made him a German citizen. I have dual custody of my son and would like to know if I can get him his Canadian citizenship while living here in Germany? My son is now 15 years old.

Your son is Canadian, so what you have to do is apply for his Citizenship Certificate. You will need the Registration of Birth Abroad (if you have one), his birth certificated, translated and notarized, attesting that you are the father, and his photo IDs.

Learn more.

The photo on my citizenship card is about 28 years old & I have a large beard in it. I no longer have a beard & will probably never grow one again. Is it possible that I will have any problems when re-entering Canada, as I have been living outside Canada for about 26 years. Should I replace it ?

What you should do is apply for a Canadian passport. A Citizenship Card is not normally acceptable proof of Canadian citizenship outside of Canada or when re-entering Canada (though if you are driving to Canada, you will likely have no issues). If you only have a Citizenship Card and no passport, you will not be let on the plane/train/bus/ship to come to Canada.

I was born and studied in Canada until age 14 than moved to Portugal to study. Eventually got married and had a child. He is now 10. Can I register him Canadian?

You should apply for your son’s citizenship certificate. It will take around 6 months. Once he has the certificate, you can then apply for his passport.

My name have been change, what should i do in order to change my name on my Canadian citizenship card and how long does it take?

You need to apply for a new Citizenship Certificate. It normally takes 6 months to get a new one. However, if you can provide an urgent reason why you would need it sooner, you might be able to get it faster.

I have my S.I.N. But lost my CDN citizenship papers many years ago…. Is there an easy way to get it replicated.

You need to apply to replace your citizenship certificate. It will take 6 months.

What do I do and what do I need if I lost my Canadian citizenship card?

You need to

  • complete the application form for a new citizenship certificate
  • provide two government-issued id documents (one has to have your photo)
  • provide citizenship certificate photos.

Submit all of that to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

I was told rather bruskly by an immigration officer in Toronto airport to get a new Citizenship Card as my picture was out of date. Is this correct? And when I first looked into this, I was told it would take six months. Why?

I am assuming you became a Canadian citizen when you were young. Yes, sometimes this happens and you should replace your citizenship card with the new certificate. It will take 6 months unless you can show that you need it urgently.

I misplaced my Canadian citizen card how do I get a replacement

You need to apply for a replacement citizenship certificate (a letter-sized certificate has replaced the old wallet-sized card). You will have to complete some forms and provide documents verifying your identity.

Learn more.

For 2 valid government ID that will need for citizenship replacement , Is Passport and Health-card okay? I have no driver’s licence.

You now use your passport to apply for the replacement citizenship certificate (in the past you could not) and you can also use your Health Card.

I chose not to change my maiden name on my Canadian citizenship card however when I got married I had it legally change with Ontario legal change name certificate to update all of my identification documents. When I apply to renew my health card it was denied because my Citizenship card maiden name was not change, is this right?

You need to change your name on any documents you are going to use for proof of identity so if you submit your citizenship card as proof of identity and it has the wrong name on it, of course they are going to get confused and reject your application.

You need to replace the card with a new certificate with your married name on it, or not use the card as an identity document.

I am completing form CIT 0001 to request proof of Canadian citizenship as my form was stolen. How can I provide the certificate number given that I no longer have the certificate? I reported the theft to the police in they Cayman Islands where it was stolen and have informed the CIC of the theft. The form also asks for my parents’ certificate numbers which I do not have as they are no longer alive – what should I put here?

You just have to indicate it was lost (there is a checkbox under the number).

As for your parents’ certificate numbers – that is for people who are applying for a first citizenship certificate (i.e Canadians born in other countries) and doesn’t apply to you.

How long will it take to get my citizenship certificate fixed as CIC made a mistake in my country of birth. I put urgent on the envelop

CIC will only process your replacement citizenship certificate application urgently if you can provide proof of your urgent need for it. So if you just wrote urgent on the envelope and didn’t include any proof of urgency with the application, it will be processed in the usual amount of time, 5 months.

My father lost his Canadian Citizenship Card. He applied for a new one a few months ago and now needs a passport to travel. He has no assistance and has difficulty understanding exactly what the procedure is. He needs to travel quite urgently.

He needs to submit proof of urgency (a travel itinerary or a plane ticket) to CIC as soon as possible.

I have no government document with my signature on it. My health card is one of the old white Ontario health cards, I do not drive – so no license – and my only other government ID is a BYID card. What do I do to prove my citizenship?!

If you were born in Canada, you should get your birth certificate from your province of birth‘s registrar or office of vital statistics. That, plus acceptable photo ID (which your BYID card may not be, depending on who you are proving your citizenship to), will prove your citizenship.

If you were not born in Canada, you will have more trouble. We help people people with little ID get replacement citizenship certificates all the time. Contact us.

how much does it cost to obtain a replacement citizenship card

Canadian Citizenship Cards have been replaced by letter-sized Certificates. The application costs $75,

I have my citizenship certificate and Canadian passport but recently I lost my citizenship card, now do I need to apply for a replacement citizenship card or is the citizenship certificate is enough?

Your citizenship certificate should have replaced your citizenship card. You should have handed over your card when you got your certificate.

I have Canadian passport do I still need a citizenship card?

If you were not born in Canada, you may need a citizenship card for any number of things:

  • establishing your citizenship with any government agency in Canada which does not accept Canadian passports as proof of citizenship (this includes many federal government agencies and some provincial government agencies);
  • renewing your Canadian passport if you waited longer than 1 year after its expiry;
  • replacing a lost Canadian passport.

Remember, your passport is considered proof of Canadian citizenship for the purposes of travel. Any Canadian government agency can and may ask for alternative proof of citizenship.

(If you were born in Canada, your birth certificate should suffice.)

i am having issue on my name change. I didn’t know that i have to change my legal name first before applying for my citizenship. and now i got my certificate with my new name. and now passport canada want my new name on driver’s licence but my licence provider need a proof that I changed my name on it. I am going through divorce and I can not contact my spouse so I can not do legal name change process in my province. so the only option I can see is getting my old name back on my citizenship certificate. So is that possible that cic can give me certificate with my old name?

Your citizenship certificate will be issued in your legal name so it sounds like you cannot get it issued in your old name.

If I lost my citizenship card, will I loose my Canadian citizenship?

No, you cannot lose your citizenship very easily. You just need to apply for a replacement Canadian citizenship certificate.

I have changed my first name with the proof of name change government document and I currently have a citizenship card. On the Citizenship website, it says provide a certified copy for a new certificate or a photocopy if this new application is for a replacement. Would my card be considered a certificate? In that case, I would only need a photocopy, correct?

Your citizenship card is considered a certificate but you are not changing it, you are getting a new citizenship certificate in a new name. You need the certified copy.

I am a Canadian immigrant from country X. I recently received my Canadian citizenship certificate and wanted to apply for a passport. However, on my immigration documents and my citizenship documents, my first and last names are in the wrong order. When I tried to apply for a passport, they didn’t let me because I don’t have supporting ID with the WRONG name. I need to travel very soon. If i want my immigration documents corrected and my citizenship certificate replaced, it is a process of about 6 months and I cannot wait that long. My SIN card is the only document that matches with the citizenship and immigration document. Is there any way around this? PS. When I immigrated from country X, my passport had the correct name, and they made a mistake on my immigration documents.

You will have to start by fixing your name on your citizenship certificate and other documents. This is a complicated process and multiple documents likely have to be replaced. You should start your Record of Landing.

I am a Canadian citizen born in Canada. Gave birth to my son in Lebanon and applied for him a Canadian citizen about a year ago and have not received it yet. He is 14 months old. I have to travel back to Canada in 2 months and I have to take him with me. What should I do?

What did you apply for?

If you applied for a citizenship certificate, you need to call CIC to find out what has happened.

If you applied for Canadian citizenship for your son, it is entirely possible that they rejected the application, as it was the wrong one.

Call CIC at 1-888-242-2100

Hello I am a naturalized Canadian citizen and currently working outside of Canada. I’ve had a daughter that was born outside of Canada (but eligible to be a Canadian citizen). I would like to get her a Canadian passport. What must I do first? Do I need to register her birth with the embassy etc…?

You need to apply for a citizenship certificate for her. That will entail proving that you are Canadian (providing a copy of your citizenship certificate) and proving that you are the parent (copy of the long-form birth certificate, translated into English or French and notarized), as well as photos of your daughter.

I currently have the wallet sized citizenship card and I would like to update to get the citizenship certificate. What form(s) must I complete?

You need to complete the Replacement Citizenship Certificate forms. Normally, the card isn’t replaced until it is lost, but if you surrender it with your application, you should be able to get the new certificate. Learn more here.

How long it takes name change for citizen certificate?

Normally, it takes about 5 months to process a new citizenship certificate. That can be sped up if there’s an emergency reason you need the new one.

I lost my citizenship certificate and my passport has expire since 2006 now we are in 2015. I need to renew my passport right now as I have an emergency sick mother back in El Salvador. To get my proof of citizenship takes months but I don’t think my mother will make it that long. What do I do? I still have my old passport.

What you need to do is to submit a replacement citizenship certificate with proof of your emergency. In this case, a doctor’s note and hospital records might be suitable for “proof”, but you will need to have them translated into English and the translation notarized.

I recently lost my citizenship card (actually it was stolen by someone) and I applied and got a new one. The new one is in paper form, i.e., citizenship certificate. I wish to have the citizenship certificate in the form of plastic card, i.e, the previous one. Can I apply for the plastic card and pay for it?

No. What you have is what is the official citizenship document of Canada. The card was replaced by the letter-sized certificate a few years ago. There is nothing you can do about this.

I have a very bizarre situation. In 1974 when I was six years old I became a Canadian citizen. At the time my citizenship card was issued with a misspelling of my first name. The card was issued under the name but my correct name was [redacted]. I never bothered to have it amended all these years. Now I am applying for a new driver’s license under my married name and they are telling me that since I was not born in Canada I must produce a citizenship document (passport not acceptable). Since the citizenship card is incorrect, they want to issue my driver’s license with the incorrect spelling of Monica Sayers. This is absurd. I need to find out how can I get my citizenship card amended to reflect the correct name so I can obtain my driver’s license with the correct spelling. All of my other ID (SIN card, passport) have the correct spelling. It seems obsurd that I would have to do a legal name change for something that was issued erroneously 41 years ago and coming back to haunt me now.

You need to replace your citizenship card with the new citizenship certificate. You will have to provide the government-issued IDs showing the proper spelling of your name (one needs to be a photo ID).

What if my 1995 citizenship card has a small opening on plastic. Do I need to replace it?

Your citizenship card should only ever be used to prove your citizenship to Canadian government officials when required. As long as they accept it still, there is no need to replace it with the new certificate. You do not need to carry your card on your person, if that is what is damaging it.

How can I change the address on my citizenship certificate

You do not need to change the address on your citizenship certificate.

i got cerificate. when i gone get a citezenship card

The citizenship card has been phased out. Your certificate is what you get now, you will not receive a card.

my father misplaced his citizenship card (wallet size card), can he apply in person or fill up the application. what are the requirements needed (photocopy), how much and how long is the processing?

The citizenship card has been phased out and replaced by the citizenship certificate (a letter-sized document).

The application must be submitted by mail.

He will have to provide:

  • a completed citizenship certificate form;
  • copies of 2 valid, government-issued IDs (one of which must have a photo);
  • 2 citizenship certificate photos.

The cost is $75. The processing time is around six months or so.

how to correct my name on my citizenship certificate and citizenship card

You need to apply for a replacement citizenship certificate (the card has been phased out of existence) with government-issued photo IDs showing your correct name.

If I lost my citizenship card, where do I apply for one?

You need to replace it with a citizenship certificate and you can apply for it here.

If you want to use paid assistance, you can do so here.

what do i do if I cant find the canadian citizenship certificate or lose it? is there any other option?

You can replace it. You can learn more about replacement your Canadian Citizenship Certificate here.

I’m currently filling out the form to replace my lost Citizenship card, I still have the commemoration certificate. On the certificate it has two first names on it with the same surname. The name on the top of the certificate has one name with my address and one name on the bottom but spaced closer to the middle of the certificate. Do i use the name on top for Question 3.A and the name on the bottom for 3.B? or do i just put them all on the given name section. Also do I have to send them the original Commemoration certificate or can i send a photo copy as a document to support identity.

The Commemoration Certificate is not a legal document and has no baring on your legal status in Canada or your legal name or anything like that. Do not submit it with your application. You will need a copy of your Record of Landing.

Put your given names in the spot on the form for given names.

my father was sent to Canada to his uncle as a child from the UK did that make him a Canadian citizen he came to Canada in 1948

No, unless he naturalized, he is not a Canadian citizen. Even if he has lived her ever since.

Hello, I’d like to know what is the current replacement cost of Canadian Citizenship?

It is CAD$75

I have lost my Canadian Citizenship card and would like to apply for a replacement. What documents do I need to back up my application and what are the exact fees do I have to pay?

You need two government-issued photos ID. You probably need your Record of Landing. You need two photos.

I am Canadian via immigration and live and work in Canada. I have recently married my American husband (lives in US) and have had a (1) child with him born in Canada. We have just sent in our US immigration papers for myself and his stepchild and have started his son separate process with US canada embassy for birthfather US citizenship. I have sole custody of his stepchild she would like a legal name change and so would I. I am also wanting to change my name on my citizenship card/certificate. Should I wait until I hear back from US immigration (application first step approval) so to not have any errors/uncertainties in that application?? Can I still go ahead and change his stepchild name and my name legally including my citizenship certificate?? Should I do it once we move to the US which may result in higher fees and inquiry??

This is a question you need to ask USCIS as it will affect your US immigration application. You can change your name on your Canadian citizenship certificates whenever you like (provided you have the legal name changes to prove it) and this is not what you should be concerned about. Changing your names in the middle of a US immigration application probably sends red flags to USCIS; don’t do it.

My Citizenship Card is worn. What is the criteria for continued use as I want to renew my 2 years out of date Passport. I don’t feel I should have to pay over $300 for a replacement of a card half a century old and can not afford it anyway. I have a Nexus card for travel to USA

It costs CAD$75 to replace your old card with a citizenship certificate, not $300. (Cards are no longer issued.)

You can continue to use your card until it can no longer be read. The best indication would be that someone refuses to honour it. However, you shouldn’t wait that long.

A citizenship card or citizenship certificate cannot be used for travel. You need a passport. A NEXUS Card is not a passport substitute either.

I need to replace my citizenship card/certificate to reflect both my new legal name and my gender change from female to male. I have a legal name change certificate and new provincial combined drivers license and health care card in my new name and gender, and will send notarized copies of these with my CIT 0001 application. What additional documentation do I need to include with my application to have my gender marker changed on the replacement certificate?

You need two sworn affidavits from physicians stating that you are now anatomically your new gender.

How much to replace my Canadian Citizenship Card

CAD$75 if you do it yourself.

How much does it cost, how long does it take and what ID do I need to replace my Canadian citizenship please?

You need photos, your birth certificate (if born in Canada), or your naturalization certificate and registration of birth abroad if not born in Canada. You need some photo ID (Passport, Driver’s license) and, if your name has changed, you need to submit a copy of the name change.

The fee is CAD$75.

The processing time is currently 5 months.

my husband is now 51 but received his citizenship card when he was 12. We cannot find it and we are trying to get him a passport. He never had a birth certificate, his sister tracked it down however his birth date is incorrect on it and his middle name was spelled incorrectly. He comes from a small island in the Caribbean. Do we have any hope in getting him a passport?

First, he needs to apply for a citizenship certificate. If you are not sure whether or not you have the right documentation, we can help you. The birth certificate may need to be replaced, first.

I changed my last name by marriage, so I need to replace my citizenship card. How much does it cost?

It costs CAD$75 to replace your old citizenship card with a new citizenship certificate, unless you hire someone to help you with the application; then it will cost more.

I am citizen of Canada. My son born in Pakistan and he came here on Canadian passport. My son is almost 4. His first Canadian passport is expired. And i still did not receive his citizenship card. I want to go Pakistan . what i do for his passport? And i don’t have his permanent resident card too.

If you have already applied for his citizenship card, you need to call CIC’s call centre at 1-888-242-2100 to find out what is taking so long.

My mom has her Canadian Citizenship. She has the full-page size certificate, but not the card. We are travelling to the UK in a few weeks (she was born in England). Does she need to get the card replaced?

The card has been phased out, only the certificate is issued now. But she needs neither of these to travel to the UK. She needs a valid passport, either her Canadian one or her UK one.

do I need to renew my childs photo on citizenship card?

You do not need to renew the citizenship certificate ever.

I need to add my English name and my married name to my Canadian Citizenship certificate. What do I need to do? Do I follow the same steps to apply for a citizenship certificate and pay $75?

You need to replace your citizenship card. But you will need to show that you are the same person so you will need to provide your legal name change (if applicable) and your marriage certificate.

If a person loses a citizenship card or it is stolen, does a replacement card have the same number as the original?

No, the number changes.

Lost my canadian citizen certificate and card years ago. Need to replace them. How do I do this?

You need to apply for a replacement citizenship certificate. Read more here.

My citizenship card is damaged how do I replace it?

The citizenship card has been phased out and replaced by a citizenship certificate – a letter-sized document with additional security features. You can learn more here.

does fathers name have to be on birth certificate of a child born abroad to apply/become canada citizen

If you are the Canadian citizen, not the father, then no, his name does not need to be on the birth certificate to apply for proof of Canadian citizenship for your child.


I have the small card-size Certificate of Canadian Citizenship with my photo on it. I’ve had it for forty years and owing to much travel in tropical areas, it is getting quite worn.Can it be replaced. I have all the other documentation including the large certificate that doesn’t have a photograph. Can this card-sized certificate be replaced? I do have an up-to-date Canadian Passport.

You can indeed replace it, however you will not be getting the wallet-sized card any more. You will instead be getting a letter-sized certificate.

You don’t need to carry this new certificate with you at all. You only need it to renew your passport (if you wait longer than a year to renew the passport after it expired, you will need, otherwise you can just use the old passport) and a few other things – you might need it to claim OAS, that kind of thing.

can i apply for replace of proof of citizenship in canada if i was born in greece?i will be in canada soon i can wait that long that it takes from greece..thank you

You can apply from anywhere, but you should be careful because the processing time for a Canadian citizenship certificate is quite long, and if you apply from within Canada, you will expected to provide a Canadian address for the delivery of the certificate.

Also, make sure you bring everything you need to apply when you travel.

how long it will take for an urgent processing for a citizenship certificate?

It will take somewhere around four weeks at this moment. Maybe a little faster if you are lucky.

I am a dual citizen born in Canada and naturalized in the United States – can my US born children get Canadian citizenship?

Your children are already Canadian citizens, but you will need to apply for proof – citizenship certificates. In order to do so, you will need your own birth certificate and the long-form birth certificates of your children (showing you as the parent). You will also need photo IDs.

Read more here.

I have become a Canadian citizen since 2001, currently living abroad, my citizenship card which was given to me during the ceremony is not stolen or destroyed however, my personal data (name, DOB, etc.) faded and hardly readable. Can you advice me of what to do as I don’t wish to encounter problems whenever I return to canada or it is time to renew my passport etc.

You will need to replace the card with a citizenship certificate. You will need to provide some IDs in order to get it approved. You should do this before renewing your Canadian passport as you will need the legible certificate to get the passport.

Read more here.

My friend is living in the US now. He sent his documents and the citizenship certificate to me so I can be his Guarantor. Can I send his application for him by mail to Gatineau?

Provided everything is filled out correctly, I don’t see why not.

i have a old citizenship card and it has my name wrong.i live at greece and i need to change it so i can move to canada to work..what is the faster way to change it and how long will it take?thank you

You will have to replace it with the new citizenship certificate. You will need to contact your local diplomatic mission:

And apply through them.

lost my citizenship card. how do i renew it? and where do i go?

You need to replace it with a citizenship certificate as the card’s are no longer issued. You need to print off the forms from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, complete them and add the required documentation, and mail the forms and the documentation to the appropriate office:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Case Processing Centre—Proof
P.O. Box 10000
Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 7C1

There is no way to submit this application in person.

Good Morning, I would like to know what my daughter can do to move to Canada with her family as quick as possible. She is a Canadian Citizen but on her citizenship card her name is spelt Tatiana Sitheris and on her Greek papers her name is spelt Tatiana Sideris ( Δ-D) pronounced “th” in Greek. Because of this she is having trouble getting a passport. She would like to move to Canada with her three childre, two of whom are eligible for Canadian citizenship as they were born before 2009. What can she do to hurry up the process if there is anyway. She is going to go to Fort St. John, BC where her brother is already there.

The safest thing to do would be to attempt to correct the spelling of her name on her Canadian citizenship certificate first, then apply for the Canadian passport.  However, this will take a really long time and you will have to submit the application to the Canadian embassy in Greece.

If you would like assistance with this, please email us at We have successfully solved many “lost Canadian” cases over the years.

i am assuming my husband’s last name. I am not legally changing it. What do i need to do to reflect this change on my citizenship card?

If you are not legally changing your name, you do not need to change it on your citizenship card unless you want to change your name on your passport as well (but this implies that you actually want to legally change it).

Hello I am confussed about the whole canadian certificate and card situation. Is the certificate i was given at the ceremony valid for travel and replaces the card or Do i have to apply somewhere for another certificate/card

Neither the old citizenship card nor the current citizenship certificate is a travel document. (The certificate has replaced the card.) All either does is prove your status as a Canadian citizen. You can use them to enter Canada – though we don’t recommend it – but that is all. In order to travel internationally, you need to apply for a Canadian Passport, unless you have a valid passport for your country of birth.

Hi i got citizenship on may 2014. On that day itself i received the citizenship certificate, but i didnt receive the small citizenship card yet. Do i need to pay for that card?

There is no longer a card, the certificate is all you get.

HI THERE, MY QUESTION is that, in Canada in by birth in still reside in Canada, my daughter was born in the US, now what I would like to know is, is my daughter a naturalise citizen? Please get back to me…. thank you…

As a Canadian born parent you can apply for your daughter’s first citizenship card. See: . To do this you should contact CIC: 1-888-242-2100 or go to

Hello, I’ve been submitting a replacement citizen card application last year, and it’s been over a year and I still haven’t received the replacement card yet. I’m just wondering when the card will be arriving.

It is recommended you call Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to check the status of your application: 1-888-242-2100 or go to and click on ?Check Application Status?.

Do you have to pay again at the judge stage? i.e., fail first test then go to judge? Is there a fee at that stage? Also… how many of the 20 multiple choice questions at first stage can you get wrong? (To pass)

If you fail the test you will be sent a notice to appear for an interview with a Citizenship Judge. The judge will decide if you meet all the requirements for citizenship. You are not required to pay an additional fee for this. Please note if you miss the interview another date will be scheduled, and if you miss this a second time, your file will be closed and you would have to reapply and pay the fees again. The test comes in 3 parts and you are required to get 16 out of 20 correct (please note this is subject to change).

Hi, my husband and I are permanent residents of Canada and our baby is due in April 2012. We don’t qualify for citizenship until May 2013. In the meantime will our baby qualify for citizenship already or will need to have Indian passport temporarily as our current nationality is Indian? If baby does not become citizen automatically, do we need to do anything special to get baby’s PR status confirmed first before being apply for baby’s citizenship in 2013 along with ours? Thanks so much in advance!

As your baby will be born in Canada they automatically become a Canadian Citizenship.
When your baby is born you will be required to register the birth. From here you will be able to apply for the baby’s birth certificate, Social Insurance Number and Canadian Passport.
Please visit the Newborn Registration Service and select your province for a step-by-step guide:

I have a Canadian PR and I am currently employed in Canada. However if I end up travelling internationally for work, would it mean that I am still eligible to count those days towards my Canadian Citizenship or would I have to physically be in Canada for 1095 days out of 5 years to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

To be eligible for Canadian Citizenship adults must have lived in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) in the past four years before applying.

Dear Sir, I am eager to know about citizenship test. Now I am eligible to apply. After applying I am planning to go abroad for a better job. Please kindly advice me, Is there any difficulty in getting a Canadian citizenship? And if OK which province is faster to get citizenship? What is the duration? I appreciate your reply. AMARESH

To apply for your own Canadian Citizenship, you must have permanent resident status in Canada, and that status must not be in doubt (for example; you must not be subject to any immigration investigation). You must have lived in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) in the past four years before applying.

Currently the processing time is 19 months (from the time your application is received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to the Citizenship Ceremony).
Once you application is received by CIC, your application is reviewed. You will then receive a notification date for your Citizenship test. If you pass the test and the citizenship judge is satisfied you meet all the other requirements for citizenship, you will be invited to a citizenship ceremony. During that ceremony, you will take the oath of citizenship and receive a certificate of Canadian citizenship. You will then be able to apply for your Canadian Passport.

My Citizenship Card was destroyed in a fire. I am looking to replace it as it was with my Passport which was also in the fire. In the replacement information it states that there are facilities for urgent filing however it doesn’t provide specifics in regards to what or where these facilities are. I am travelling to Australia in the very near future so would like to access the urgent filing option. Thank you for your assistance.

To apply, you need to fill out the Application for a Citizenship Certificate (CIT 0001). This application is for Canadian citizens living in Canada who need to apply for a citizenship card as proof of Canadian citizenship. Use this application for a new card or to replace one that was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

You can request the card to be processed urgently. Please note every urgent application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if the requirements to issue a citizenship certificate are met and if the application meets the urgent processing criteria.

For example in your case: you need a citizenship certificate for imminent travel to or from Canada. You will need to submit prove of travel (flight itinerary/ticket)

Hi, my question is about citizenship test; what is the next step if i fail the test in first attempt do i have to appear for an interview next time in front of judge or i can get another to write a test.

If you do not pass the written test, ?Citizenship and Immigration Canada? will send you a notice telling you to appear for an interview (30 90 minutes) with a citizenship judge. At that interview, the judge will ask you the test questions orally to give you another opportunity to demonstrate that you meet all the requirements of citizenship (including knowledge and language).

My danish girlfriend in on a student Visa from denmark, if we get married, will she be able to stay in Canada after her visa expires?

No. The marriage will not allow your ?Danish? girlfriend to stay in Canada. She must apply to extend her stay in Canada, and must submit an application to change conditions or extend her stay in Canada.

Contact Citizenship & Immigration Canada for more instructions:

Call Centre telephone number: 1-888-242 2100

How to replace Citizenship card

If you have lost, or have had your Citizenship card stolen or destroyed, and are residing in Canada, to apply for a Citizenship card you must fill out the Application for a Citizenship Card from Inside Canada (CIT 0001).

Additionally, supporting documentation must also be included in your application. A fee must also be paid before an application can be submitted. This fee can be paid either online, or at a financial institution. Please be sure to obtain a receipt of the payment, and include it in your Canadian citizenship application package.

For more information please visit:

Do I need my citizenship card for renewing Canadian passport

If you are eligible to renew your passport through the ‘simplified Renewal Application Process?, you do not have to resubmit proof of Canadian citizenship, supplementary identification or guarantor information.

You can apply if your Canadian Passport has been expired for no more than one year

If you are not eligible an ?Adult General Passport Application?PPTC 153 would need to be submitted. This application must be submitted with proof of Canadian citizenship. If you were born in Canada, you must provide an original of either:A Canadian birth certificate (issued in Canada by the province or territory of your birth), or A certificate of citizenship (issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

How long does it take to get a replacement citizenship card?

It can takes around 10 months to get a replacement citizenship card; although there are facilities for urgent filing providing you can prove you have a valid reason to get your card. CIC have a timetable of applications being processed, which enables you to check the status of your application and review the processing times.

I have been living abroad and need to reclaim my Canadian Citizenship. What should I do?

Under the new citizenship law that came into force in 2009, you are probably automatically recognized as a Canadian Citizen if you were born to Canadian parents outside of Canada or you lost your citizenship between 1947 and 1977. Citizenship and Immigration Canada have detailed descriptions of who can qualify as a Canadian citizen. What you must do is apply for a Citizenship card so that you can prove your nationality to authorities that need such information.

How do I pay the fee for my replacement citizenship card?

You can pay online at the CIC website or you can pay through a financial institution in Canada. If you choose this method you must order a payment slip from the CIC call centre. You can use one slip to pay multiple applications. If you pay online you must print off your proof of payment once the transaction has been finished. Your proof of payment must be included in your application.

I urgently need to replace my lost citizenship card. How do I do this?

You can replace a citizenship card on an urgent basis but you will need proof that you have urgent plans to travel.

What documents should I send with my application for a replacement citizenship card?

You need to complete an application form, pay the government fee of $75 and include the payment receipt for this. You should also attach two identical photos taken according to the specifications of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You must also submit copies of two pieces of ID, one of which contains your photograph. Examples include a passport, driver’s license or provincial health card.

I never received my citizenship card. What should I do?

If 6 weeks have passed since you applied for your citizenship certificate you should fill out a ?Solemn declaration concerning a citizenship certificate that was lost, stolen. Destroyed or never received?. You can also check online to find out when you card was mailed to you or call the CIC call centre.

Can I change the name on my citizenship card?

Yes. You must submit an application for to CIC and send your health card, driver’s license, birth certificate, foreign passport or Canadian school record, which has the exact name you wish to use on your citizenship card. If you have changed your name to one significantly different to that in your current documents, you must send all of the above documents plus a ?linking document? that shows your old name and your new name. Examples would be a marriage certificate, change of name certificate or a divorce order.

How much does it cost to replace a stolen citizenship card?

The fee to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card is $75.

What should I do if I lose my Citizenship Certificate?

You should apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to replace your card. You still need to fill out an application form, submit the fee ($75) and supporting documents, but for a replacement card you can send photocopies instead of originals. If your citizenship card has been stolen you should notify the local police and CIC immediately.

What is a Citizenship Card?

Your citizenship card is the document you receive after you have taken your oath of citizenship. It is a small card that fits easily into your wallet. It contains your name, date of birth, gender, eye colour and height. It also has a picture of you on it and your signature.


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